Kids just love toilet humour, and let’s face it, so do a majority of adults (even if they won’t admit it). For example, do you know why Eeyore was down the toilet? It’s because he was looking for Pooh! And recently I bought a toilet brush, but to cut a long story short, I’m going to go back to using toilet paper. At Christmas I was given some Sudoku toilet paper, but it is not very good – you can only fill it in with number ones and number twos! Boom, boom! Enough of the ‘crappy’ jokes and lets delve into the game of Fart from Cheatwell Games.

Fart is a bean blaster, eggy stinker of a game for 3 or more players, aged 7+. It is a fast and thunderous, butt trumpeting, pant ripper, gross-out card game for anyone with a sense of humour. Think of it as UNO with fart noises (and hopefully no smell)!

In the tin:

  • 32 Number Cards (4x Bean Blaster, 4x Duvet Lifter, 4x Stink Bomb, 4x Teeny Weeny, 4x Pant Ripper, 4x Puff-Puff, 4x Wet Rasper and 4x Eggy Stinker)
  • 22 Action Cards (4x Barn Burner, 4x Butt Trumpet, 4x Pass the Wind, 4x Silent But Deadly, 4x Thunder Pants and 2x Gas Mask)
  • 2 Instruction Cards

The object of the game is to get rid of your cards before your opponents and score the least points. It is a card matching and discarding game where each play is accompanied by a fart sound (by any means) that matches your card. But watch out for the ‘special cards’ that can change wind direction, miss turns, draw extra cards, steal your opponent’s hand etc. Although it’s not all bad news, you can protect yourself against whiffy attacks with the Gas Mask card and thwart your opponents with your Butt Trumpet or your Thunder Pants.

Fart is a simple game to learn, very easy to play and absolutely hilarious (unless you have had a sense of humour bypass).

Game set up is simple. Grab a piece of paper and pencil and write down the player’s names (to keep track of scores). Remove the instruction cards from the deck, shuffle the cards and deal each player five cards. The remaining cards are placed face-down on the table in a deck to make a draw pile. The top card from the draw pile is turned over and placed on the table next to the draw pile to create a discard pile.

To play, players need to match a card from their hand to the card on the discard pile. Starting with the player to the left of the dealer, they must try to match a card from their hand with the card on the discard pile (by colour or fart description), for example: if the discard pile has a BLUE TEENY WEENY card the player must play any BLUE CARD or a TEENY WEENY CARD (of any colour). But where’s the fun in that? As they play their card, they MUST make a fart sound (by any means) that is appropriate to the description on the card. That could be that a teeny weeny sound is a short squeak sound rather than a thunderous raspberry sound. If a player forgets to ‘fart’, they must pick up two cards from the draw pile as a penalty.

As you play, there are some special action cards within the deck (you may even have been dealt some). When these are played, they can see players miss turns (Pass the Wind), reverse the direction of play (Silent But Deadly), swap your hand of cards with another player if it is in your interest to do so (Barn Burner), have to pick up two cards AND miss a turn (Butt Trumpet), pick up three cards and miss a turn (Thunder Pants) and if you are lucky enough to have a Gas Mask card, you can protect yourself from Thunder Pants and stop the effect of other action cards.

When a player plays their second to last card, they must yell ‘LAST FART’ as they do so (failure to do so will see them having to pick up four more cards).

The first player to discard all the cards in their hand scores zero points. The remaining players score penalty points for each card they still hold, 5 points for each coloured Fart card and between 10-40 points depending on any special action cards they hold (Gas Mask being the highest at 40 points).

But that is not the end of the game. To win, play continues until one player reaches 200 points. When this happens, the player with the lowest score wins the game.

Overall, Fart is a hilariously fun game to play. If you like UNO you will love this as the fart sounds really do make it fun (especially when playing with children).  

It is a simple game to learn, fast and easy to play.

I love that the cards don’t come in a cardboard box, but a small tin with a hinged lid. It is a nice size that not only protects the cards but makes it a prefect travel game as it is easy to keep in a bag, pocket or car glove box. The illustrations on the cards are also lots of fun.

Fart is an explosively funny card shedding game that is just perfect for family game nights and a game that can be taken and played anywhere.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £7

For more information, visit cheatwell.com. Available to buy from Amazon here.

5 stars

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