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Do you love trivia games but are tired of the same old format that just ask you to regurgitate facts like a human encyclopaedia? Well, dial up some fun, because Play Your Number from Ginger Fox Games is here to add a dash of hilarity to your game nights! Play Your Number is a trivia card game with a novel numerical twist!

Play Your Number is a trivia card game for 2 or more players, age 12 and upwards. It has a playing time of approx. 20-30 minutes. Players must answer trivia questions correctly to win points. Easy enough when you can give any answer you want, but in Play Your Number you can only answer using the digits from YOUR phone number. You might know the answers, but do you have the numbers?

In the box:

  • 150 Question/Answer Cards
  • 150 Number Cards

This trivia card game is called Play Your Number and is based on using numbers from your phone number to get the answers. But before you even start playing, the fun begins with the box, it is rather cool – a nostalgic throwback as it looks like an old fashioned chunky brick-like mobile phone (yes kids, this is what “portable” phones looked like – some even had an external battery that you also had to carry around). When opening the box, the cards are neatly stored in two compartments and the rules and game play instructions are printed around the sides of the box (no instructions sheets to lose).

This is a trivia game that will suit ages from 12 upwards as the questions are widely varied; everything from books to music, sport to general knowledge, geography to the solar system and more. And all the answers will have a numerical answer, some will need to be spot on and others will have to be the nearest guess (unless you just happen to know what the officially reported population of Canada in 2019 was, according to the World Bank). But just knowing the answers is not good enough. Does your phone number contain the numbers to get the answer?

This is a game where your phone number can make or break your chances of victory. That’s right, Play Your Number is the trivia game where your digits do more than just unlock your phone – they unlock your path to victory! This game takes the concept of trivia and flips it on its head by requiring players to answer questions using only the numbers from their phone number. It’s like the universe decided to play bingo with your contacts list!

This is a simple game to play. Most people have a phone, and therefore a phone number to play with. In the event that a player doesn’t have a phone (or is too young to have their own phone), another player can pick a number from their contacts list and assign it to them. Other than that, you will need a pen and paper to keep track of the scores. Each player is then given number cards that match their phone number (11 cards). Players then take it in turns to read out a question card from the top of the questions deck (be careful not to show the answer that is printed on the reverse side of the card). With the question read out (and no one sneaking a look at the answer, including the question reader), players put down their answer from the number cards in their hand (if you don’t have the correct numbers for what you think is the answer, try to get as close as your can). A point is awarded to any player that gets the answer correct, and with no correct answer, a point is awarded to the player that gets the closest. When the points have been awarded and recorded, players take back their number cards and place them back into their own hand. The next player then asks a question. The winner is the player with the highest number of points after 12 questions have been asked and answered.

Play Your Number

Overall, Play Your Number is an excellent trivia game where knowing the answer isn’t everything, you have to rely on wit, luck, how oddly attached you are to your phone number and if it has the numbers your need to win the points.

It is an fantastically fun social game – nothing says “let’s be friends” like asking someone for their phone number – not to call them, but to crush them in a battle of numerical trivia.

It is a simple game to understand and play. The questions vary in difficulty and with some of the answers in the millions, will require good educated guess work rather that being able to recall a answer. And even if you know the answer to “How many miles long is the Grand Canyon”, your phone number might not contain the three digits needed to get the spot-on answer, and you will have to see how close you can get and hope that no one else knows the answer or has the cards to get as close as you can.

Just remember, in this game, your number is more than just a way to reach you – it’s your ticket to glory or your recipe for hilarious defeat.

A superbly super fun game where the person with the most knowledge isn’t necessarily going to be victorious as the digits in their phone just won’t support the answers to win those all-important points.

Great fun for game nights where everybody has a chance of winning.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £14.99

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5 stars

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