Slam Dice Cheat

Is cheating at games ever okay? Generally, no, but if the premise of the game is about telling the truth or bluffing and trying to cheat the people you are playing with then of course it is (within the confines of the rules of course). That makes Slam Dice Cheat from Cheatwell Games the ultimate game of truth, bluff and counter bluff!

Slam Dice Cheat is the ultimate game of truth, bluff and counter bluff! Shake the cup, then slam down and flatten the cup to trap the dice and then check your score. Do you tell the truth and give the score of the two dice in the sealed cup or do you bluff? – it’s up to your opponents to challenge you or else to chance it. Each player in turn must score more than the one before… or forfeit a life. 

Slam Dice Cheat is a dice game of truth and bluff. It is a colourful pop-up/slam-flat dice shaker, a sealed unit that contains two dice and can be taken and played anywhere – it flattens so can easily be kept in a pocket or bag, an ideal travel game! It is suitable for 2 or more players, age 8+.

Slam Dice Cheat

Each player starts with 5 lives and the aim of the game is to be the last player left in, by telling the truth or bluffing as to what the score on the dice is. Players must pop-up the shaker, shake the dice within it and slam it down, flattening the shaker. The two dice within it are then trapped, displaying two numbers. Starting with the highest number, the numbers are combined (not added together) to give your score: (3 & 1 =) 31, then 32 / 41; 42; 43 / 51; 52; 53; 54 / 61; 62; 63; 64; 65 then the doubles 11; 22; 33; 44; 55; 66. The top overall score is 21.

To play, the starting player opens/pops-up the shaker, gives the dice a good shake and then slams it down to collapse the shaker until it flattens, trapping the dice. The player then takes a look at the dice, making sure no other player can see them and puts the shaker dice face down so that the dice are hidden from view. The player then must either announce the score to the player on their left (so if the dice were a 4 & 2 the true answer is 42) or bluff and give the wrong score. The next player can either accept it as the truth or challenge it.

If accepting the call: the player picks up the shaker without looking at the dice, pulls it open and shakes the dice before slamming it flat again. No matter what combination is thrown, that player must claim a score that is equal to or better than the previous answer.

If challenging the call: if the next player doesn’t believe the score that was called, they shout out “Cheat!”. The shaker is now turned over to reveal the actual score.

  • If the dice show a combination that is lower than what was claimed then the player that made the false claim loses one of their lives.
  • If the score is equal to or greater than stated then the challenging player loses one of their lives.

The player who wins that round, starts the next with players losing lives in each round. Players that lose all of their lives drop out of the game with play continuing until there is only 1 player remaining.

Players who claim 21 as their score are claiming the highest possible score. If a challenge is called, then the losing player is deducted two lives. If the player decides not to challenge, they can choose to accept defeat and lose 1 life rather than challenging.

Overall, Slam Dice Cheat is an excellent game of bluff. It is extremely fun to play. Can you bluff your fellow players? Can you cheat them so that you can win? Roll the dice and decide to lie … or not!

It is a very easy game to play, and the collapsible dice shaker is excellent. As it is a sealed unit, it also makes a perfect travel game, one that you can keep in your pocket and play anywhere.

Are you able to lie and bluff? Do you have a good poker face? Slam the dice and see how good your bluffing is or if your friends and family can read you like a book.

A fun and enjoyable game.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £10

For more information, visit Available to buy from Amazon here.

5 stars

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