Plop Trumps

Family game nights are excellent for spending some quality family time together and having some fun. But how do you get the kids to switch off their phones, put down the game controller or power down their tablet and get actively involved in the games? It’s quite simple, you start with a game that the name alone will pique their interest and curiosity. A game that will really make a splash, or one that will be a right stinker. After recently playing the explosive card game, Fart, from Cheatwell Games, we have hit the toilet humour again for another card game that takes Fart to a new level, Plop Trumps! It’s a messy job, but someone has got to do it.

No I haven’t made a spelling mistake. I did say Plop Trumps. And yes, as the name suggests, is a game of Trumps based on … well, ermm, the animal kingdom and their calls of nature. Yes it is a scatological spin on the popular card game of Trumps that makes learning about nature’s call a little more… interesting. And just in case you haven’t quite got there yet, it is Trumps based on animal droppings!

Plop Trumps is a card game that comes packed in a  in a handy flip-top tin. It is a game for 2 or more players, age 7+.

In the tin:

  • 54 Plop Trumps Game Cards
  • Instructions Card
Plop Trumps

Plop Trumps is a card game and each card in the deck a high-quality photo of animal droppings and provides players with intriguing facts about the creatures behind them. From leopards to locusts and lemurs, players will find themselves becoming connoisseurs of critter caca as they play. The aim is to trump your opponents with the highest scoring ‘business’ stats, which could be anything from the size to the smelliness of the animal’s deposit, and to win all of your opponent’s cards.

The game is packaged in a high-quality hinged tin, that neatly stores all the cards, making it a durable and portable choice for family trips or game nights. And small enough to fit in your pocket or bag for those impromptu quick games.

Whilst the subject matter may sound disgusting it is very educational for young scientists, nature lovers and potential vets as the pictures and facts allows poop enthusiasts to identify animals from their excrement. An educational tool disguised as entertainment in the form of a fun game. A perfect mashing together of education and science with enough of the yuk factor to get young players engaged, learning and laughing.

Playing Plop Trumps is easy. And as the animals featured don’t need to use a specific room, neither do the players – it can be played in the kitchen, living room, park bench … absolutely anywhere that you desire. But before any game begins, have a chat with your fellow players and decide on whether low or high will win any given feature – for example, will it be the longest and most impressive length of animal turd that is the top trump? Or are you going to opt for the shortest? With that decided, shuffle the deck and deal the cards out equally to all the players, face down (the cards, not the dealer or the players). Time to analyse those droppings. The first player picks up their top card, examines the facts and makes a decision on which feature they think will win and reads it out loud for everybody to hear (for example; Zebra poo has a length of 21mm). Whatever player has the rating for that feature (highest or lowest depending on what players decided on before starting) and takes all the cards in play from the other players, placing them at the bottom of their own stack. In the event of a draw, the cards are placed in the middle of the table to be won by the winner of the next round. Play continues with the winner of the round choosing the next feature. The game ends when one player has won all the cards from the others and is declared the winner, the plop trumper!

Overall, Plop Trumps is a disgusting but absurdly funny and educational game of trumps that ventures where no other game has gone before, into the wild world of animal waste. Once the shock of playing a game of looking at animal poo wears off it is a surprising informative game.

It is an easy game to play and provides plenty of entertainment and education. So whilst there can only be one winner, a Poo-riffic Top Trumps champion, everybody wins as everybody gets to learn something. You might even be able to distinguish what animal has been using your garden as a toilet overnight – is it a fox or some other animal?

Despite its toilet humour, it is a game that kids will adore, the adults will secretly love it and families will have a plopping great time.

Another excellent and fun game from Cheatwell, it’s the business, packed into a handy hinged storage case!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £7

For more information, visit Available to buy from Amazon here.

5 stars

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