Burger Party

Sitting around the table playing games as a group of friends or better still, as a family is an excellent activity. The playing of games is good for your mental health as it helps to relieve the stresses of the day, allows you to have fun with friends and family and helps you catch up with your loved ones. But there are times when as good as games are for your mental health, they are not so good for your physical health! More specifically, your hands, especially with card games such as Burger Party – a fast-paced, burger-building card game.

Burger Party is a fun, fast-paced action game that requires quick thinking, good observational skills and fast hand speed. Although, if you’re too quick you could lose out. It is suitable for 2-5 players, aged 6+ with a playing time of 10-15 minutes.

Burger Party is a tabletop card game. All the cards are supplied in a burger, which is also a very big part of the game. The concept of the game is to build burgers. Players must win as many burger ingredients as they can to make the biggest burger stack. It is a matching game and really fast-paced.

In the box:

  • 105 Ingredient Cards – Green (15 Lettuce and 11 Pickles), Red (15 Tomatoes and 11 Ketchup), Yellow (15 Cheese, 11 Onions and 8 Mayo) and Brown (11 Meat Patties and 8 Mushrooms)
  • 5 Special Cards (3 mice and 2 steals)
  • 5 ‘Half Eaten’ cards
  • Plastic Burger, which doubles up as a storage container for the cards
  • Instructions
Burger Party

Playing Burger Party is easy to understand and play. The cards are removed from the base of the burger, shuffled and dealt out evenly between all the players. The burger is placed in the centre of the table. If you have ever played snap (who hasn’t) then this is very similar. With a lot of games, the youngest player goes first, not with Burger Party. Burger Player is different – the last person to have eaten a burger starts. Each player in turn then turns over the top card from their pile and places it face up on the table in front of them. When any player spots a matching card, they slap the burger and if proved to be a valid matching card wins the card and places it under their half-eaten burger bun, but you must be careful as whilst cards can be the same colour, they might have a different ingredient on them.

Burger Party

Sounds so simple, doesn’t it? Now for the twist. Players cannot stack two ingredients of the same colour on top of each other. If you do, that card goes on to your penalty pile. The penalty pile comes into play at the end of the game so be careful. There are also steal cards to be won. The holder can use these to steal an ingredient from any other player. And just to add a bit more fun, there are also mice cards with 1, 2 or 3 mice on them which allows the holder to pass this to another player forcing them to miss 1, 2 or 3 turns. Building a burger just became very competitive.

When all the cards have been taken, the cards in each player’s burgers are counted and are worth one point each. If players have a plenty pile, these are then added up, with each card being worth two points, and the points deducted from their burger points, reducing the score. The player with the highest overall score wins.

Burger Party is very fast to play, taking approx. 10-15 minutes. Great for a before dinner or bedtime game.

Overall, Burger Party is a fun little game, very enjoyable and can even be hilarious at times.  The rules are simple to understand for everybody, and within a round or two everybody was playing confidently. The 10 minute game play means that no one gets bored, and several rounds can easily be played.

But a word of caution regarding my comments at the start about not being good for your hands. When the fun begins, overexuberant players (usually the kids) can get quite slap happy when slapping their hands down on the burger to win a card, so be prepared for (some quite hard) slapped hands and fingers! Especially with pre-teens and teenagers.

When play has finished, the cards are neatly stored back within the burger. This makes it perfect for easy storage or even for as a travel game to take out with you.

I love playing Burger Party, it is lots of fast frantic fun and a great way to spend quality time with friends and family.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £14.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.

DISCLOSURE: All thoughts and opinions are my own. This review uses an affiliate link which I may receive a small commission from if you purchase through the link.

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