Weird Things

The internet is a wonderful invention, we can do so much on it without leaving the comfort of our chairs, sofas or even beds. But when browsing, people do search for some really odd things, things such as ‘Can a fart … catch fire?’ or ‘Why do hipsters … wear fake glasses?’. These are genuine searches on the internet. Some of the things people search can be bizarre but extremely humorous so Big Potato Games came up with a party game based on it, this game is called Weird Things Humans Search For.

Weird Things Humans Search For is a card game for 3-20 players, aged 14+. Game play is around 20 minutes. It is definitely a more grown up game and certainly not one for the kids as you can imagine what kind of things bored teenagers and adults could possibly search for (and it just might make you start deleting your own browsing history).

In the box:

  • 160 Question Cards
  • Answer Pad
  • Score Pad
  • Instructions

The aim of the game is simple, be the player or team that collects the most points after five rounds. It only takes 2 minutes to learn the game and will give you and your friends hours of fun.

Weird Things Humans Search For is a party card game where players are given the first part of a popular Google search and they must try to guess the resulting answers, the higher the answer appears on the card, the more points it is worth.

Playing the game is simple. Grab your friends, or if you must, your family (you need at least 3 people aged over 14 to play). One person takes on the role of Search Master (the person who reads out the questions and keeps track of the scores). The remaining players can either play as individual players or in teams.

Weird Things

The Search Master takes a card from the deck and reads out the first part of the search, which might be ‘Can a fart …’. The players must simply complete the search sentence to score points. For example, the question ‘Can a fart …’ could have the answer of “… Kill you”, “… Launch you into space”, or “… Catch fire”. Players have one minute to discuss what their answers might be, they must come up with a main answer and a bonus answer and write these down. The Search Master then reads out the question again followed be answers that are on the card. It a team’s answer is at the top of the list they are awarded four points, anywhere else on the list is worth two points. If their bonus answer is also on the list, they receive one point. Scores are recorded on the score pad. Play for five rounds and the team with the most points wins.

Overall, Weird Things That Humans Search For is a fun party game. Some of the answers are extremely funny – no one will ever ask Google why they have so much money, but may wonder why they have so much wind, discharge, earwax or bad luck. And the resulting answer, whether on the card or from the players themselves, can be hilarious.

The game is supplied with 160 question cards, which I think is plenty as a starting point, as each full game only consists of using five of the cards.

The game is easy to play, and the instructions are clear; easy to follow and understand (not that there is much to learn or understand – you just need to complete an internet search). We were playing in no time at all, straight out of the box. It’s an excellent party game, and would make a great after dinner game, the only thing we thought it was missing was a timer to speed up the game and not having too long conferring time (although the rules did mention 1 minute, the Search Master could time this on their phone if need be).

I think this is a fun addition to the game cupboard, it can be hilarious at times. It is a game that is that bit more mature fun for the adults to play (well, immature adult fun as you can imagine some of the answers that are on the cards and the ones that are not that people will come up with).

A fun and entertaining game that is sure to have you in fits of laughter (assuming you have a sense of humour of course).

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £19.99

For more information, visit Available to buy from Amazon here.

5 stars

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