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Screens and electronic devices dominate our lives for entertainment needs; watching television, listening to music and playing games. With such a big reliance on screens, why do we still play board games? Is moving a counter around a board or answering trivia questions really any fun?

The simple answer is a BIG FAT YES! Board games have always been a popular pastime, but over the past few years they have been having a resurgence. They are fun and entertaining, distracting and challenging. But did you know that they have lots of other benefits than just recreation?

Social Interaction and Brings People Closer Together

Playing of board games is an excellent social activity, whether that is for interacting with family members or friends. They encourage the development of social skills, sharing and teamwork, speech and language skills. They bring players closer together by talking to each other and having fun in a good healthy way.

Helps to Increase Brain Function

The playing of board games is excellent for increasing brain function. It’s great exercise for your brain. Board games can help to stimulate brain functions such as memory, concentration and even complex thought processes. They also help with problem solving, decision making and strategic thinking skills, skills that will help people of all ages throughout their life.

Reduce Stress with Fun and Laughter

Board games are excellent for taking away stress at the end of the day. The healthy fun and competition of board games involve smiles, laughter and having a good time in general. Just what the doctor ordered for decreasing stress levels.

Helps You Learn Patience

Board games vary in playing times, but all will help you learn to be patient, learn to plan ahead and even strategic planning. And all in a controlled and fun way.

Look at Monopoly, it can take hours to play where you need a lot of patience, forward and strategic planning. Whilst playing, you are also having lots of fun on your way to becoming bankrupt or a property tycoon.

Board Games Create Happiness

The playing of board games and socialising with friends and family lets you have fun and creates laughter. With laughter, your body releases endorphins and serotonin. These good happy hormones boost your mood and create happiness.

Help Boost Self-confidence

Board games are excellent for self-confidence, and developing social skills, especially in shy and timid children and adults. Playing games make people feel included and boosts self-esteem by joining in (as an individual or part of a team), talking and socialising. Perfect for developing a stronger sense of individuality. 

Help Educate

Board games can also be used an excellent learning tool with some excellent educational games from language games to maths games.

Board games
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Board games are excellent recreational fun that not only provide great entertainment but help to keep the brain active, help with mental stimulation and memory function, build family bonds, and kids and adults all benefit! Unlike solitary games that are played on phones and tablets, they get the whole family interacting with each other, from the youngest child to the eldest of adults.

There is an abundance of board games, including card and tabletop games, on the market for kids, teenagers, adults and families. Some require a great deal of time to be invested in playing – Monopoly played properly can take a good few hours. Others require very little time and can be completed in 10 minutes, but whatever game you play you will be having fun, enjoying the company of your friends and family and is perfect entertainment.

Sitting around the table for some face-to-face gaming is far superior than faceless online gaming, and a lot more fun with an excellent social aspect, bringing people closer together. They can also help relieve stress by being able to relax and have a laugh. And they reduce screen time (well, most anyway).

Open up your game cupboard, dust off the game shelf or invest in some new games and start your own regular game night with your family and friends. Snacks, drinks, games and some great friends to have fun with, what could be better? You even get to ditch those screens for awhile.

Whether it is classic games such as Monopoly, Scrabble or Cluedo or newer games such as New Phone, Who Dis?, What Do You Meme? or Family Quiz Night, there is a game for everyone, every family and every friend group.

Leave a comment below and let us know what you have been playing.

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