You will be reading this review on your phone, tablet or computer. Whilst you have been on your device today, I bet you have already seen some great memes. You might not have gone looking for them, but you’ve seen them. Fun aren’t they! If you like memes, why not play What Do You Meme? where players must add caption cards to photos to create their own funny meme. I haven’t played the original What Do You Meme? game, but I have been playing the Family Edition of the very popular party game.

What Do You Meme? Family Edition (UK Edition) is a family party game for 3-20+ players, aged 8+. Depending on how many people are taking part in the meme creating fun, it has a playing time of 30 to 90 minutes.

In the box:

  • 300 Caption Cards
  • 65 Photo Cards
  • Easel
  • Instructions

I don’t know anybody that doesn’t love a good meme. Maybe I’m wrong, but I know I enjoy them. And now I can add a new game to family game nights where we can create memes. The very popular card-combining adult party game What Do You Meme? now comes in a family edition so that the kids can join in the fun too! It comes with 65 family friendly photos and 300 caption cards for families to create their own funny memes.

Playing the game couldn’t be simpler. It is just a game of pairing the funniest caption card you have with the photo. Hopefully creating an exciting and funny meme. The best meme wins the point.

To play, you need a minimum of three players. One player acts as the judge (to start with this is the youngest player), the position of judge rotates to the next player with each round. Each player is dealt seven Caption Cards.

The judge picks a photo card that they want players to create a meme from. The photo is placed on the easel that comes with the game. The easel/photo should be placed so that every player can see it. For example, the judge could select a picture of a dog with its snout buried between it paws, covering its eyes. The players then must look through the Caption Cards they have been dealt and try to come up with a funny caption. Once they have decided what card to play, they slide it face down to the judge.

Once the judge has the Caption Cards from all players, they pick them up and shuffle them. This is so that the judge doesn’t know what card belongs to who. They might have received Caption Cards with things such as “When someone else blames their farts on you” or “When you see someone pour milk in their bowl before the cereal” or even “When you see a kid eating their bogies”. The judge then reads out the Caption Cards that they have been given aloud so that everybody can hear. The judge then decides which card they think is the funniest with the photo. The person that played the caption judged to be the winner wins the point and the photo.

The winning photo and caption combination could be:


When someone else blames their farts on you

Play then continues with the next player becoming the judge. The winner is the first player to collect a certain amount of photo cards (this depends on how many people are playing and ranges from between 4 and 7).

Overall, I found this to be an excellent card-combing, meme creating, fun family game. A very easy game to play. The rounds are quick and are lots of fun. Some of the memes created are awesome and hilarious. The photos are great, featuring people and animals in various situations – including Prince William.

It is a game that is so easy to play. But one that is lots of fun, especially when you can play a Caption Card that says, “When you accidentally poo a little in your pants when all you wanted to do was fart” with a picture of someone with a very surprised face.

The Caption Cards and Photo cards are a good size and feel good quality. The Caption Cards are about the size of a standard playing card and have funny but age-appropriate phrases. The photo cards measure 6×4”. It is a family game but be warned, there are lots of fart and poo related sayings.

This is the family edition of What Do You Meme? I think that the wording on the Caption Cards is perfectly suited for families with children aged 8 and over. Yes, there are plenty of poo and fart related captions, but isn’t that what kids find funny (and to be fair, what fun-loving adult doesn’t like a good fart joke)?

There are enough photos and captions to keep the game interesting and playable again. But should you do want to add in more, there is an expansion pack available with more photos and captions. There are several What Do You Meme? expansion packs available, make sure you get the family edition one (others won’t be suitable for kids).

I love this game. It is fantastic family fun and a game that works better with more people. A party game that is simple to play by all ages. Kids, teenagers, adults and families will love it.

Can you match the funniest caption to a funny to photo to create an hilarious meme? Now’s your chance.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £21.99

For more information, visit Available to buy from Amazon here.

DISCLOSURE: All thoughts and opinions are my own. This review uses an affiliate link which I may receive a small commission from if you purchase through the link.

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