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Are you a phone fiend? Do you always have your phone in your hand scrolling through your social media all day? What about texting? Do you love sending messages and getting in constant contact with your friends or family? Well, after you have finished reading this review and ordering the game, put down your phone and start playing the new card-based adult party game based on messages and their replies in New Phone, Who Dis? UK Edition from What Do You Meme?

New Phone, Who Dis? is a 100% offline card-based, adult’s only, party game based on inbox messages and hilarious replies. It is a game for 3 to 20+ players, aged 17+ (due to mature language and references). Depending on how many people are playing it can have a playing time from 30 minutes to 90 minutes. And it is more fun than staring into your phone screen.

In the box:

  • 150 Inbox Cards
  • 300 Reply Cards
  • Instructions
New Phone

In New Phone, Who Dis? the idea is simple. Players must respond to an INBOX message with a REPLY card that they have in their hand and try to get the funniest response that they can. The one judged to be the funniest reply wins that round and the point. There are no set rounds to play, you play until you get bored and the player with the most points wins.

This is a party game for fun loving adults, due to the language and terms used on the cards. The cards feature swearing and phrases with sexual connotations. And when paired with the right INBOX card the replies can be hilarious.

New Phone, Who Dis? has two different ways to play the game. Classic and DIY. Personally, I prefer the Classic game.

CLASSIC MODE: Players are dealt seven REPLY cards each and must respond to the INBOX card with one of these replies. The answers are judged and the funniest is award the point. The player that wins the most points wins the game.

To play, the INBOX cards and the REPLY cards are separated into two decks and placed face down on the table. Each player is dealt 7 REPLY cards. The game uses a rotating judge (each player will get a turn at judging) with the oldest player starting the game as the Judge (the Judge will change with each round played). The player who is the Judge draws a card from the top of the INBOX deck and reads it aloud for the other players. For example, the INBOX card could read “Don’t freak out, but I just got a tattoo of your name on my lower back”.

The other players then look at the REPLY cards in their hand. After consideration, they must select one that they think is the funniest response and passes it to the Judge, face down on the table. After the Judge has received a REPLY from all the players, the replies are shuffled so that the judge doesn’t know whose reply they are reading. The replies are then read aloud to the group. And the fun begins. The judge might have received replies such as “That is no way to start a conversation with your future mother-in-law, Jefferey.”, “As much as I like having this conversation with you, you literally gave me chlamydia so bye!!!!!” or “Not gonna lie, was expecting a better “Happy Birthday” text, but I guess this works too”.

With all replies received and read out, the Judge comes into play. They must decide which reply is their favourite funniest REPLY. This could be:

“Don’t freak out, but I just got a tattoo of your name on my lower back”
“That is no way to start a conversation with your future mother-in-law, Jefferey.”

The reply that is selected to be the funniest is then given back to the person that played it, along with the INBOX card. That player is the winner of the round. They get to keep the winning cards (INBOX and REPLY) as a point.

With that round over, all players then draw another card from the REPLY deck. Players always need to keep 7 REPLY cards in their hand. Play continues with the player to the left of the Judge now taking over as Judge for the next round.

DIY MODE: The INBOX and REPLY cards are separated and placed in two decks on the table. Each player is dealt 4 INBOX cards and 4 REPLY cards. Players must create what they think is the funniest reply to an inbox message using the INBOX and REPLY cards in their hand.

In DIY mode, a rotating judge is still used, as with the classic mode. But instead of players having to reply to an INBOX message read by the Judge, they use of their own INBOX cards and reply to it with one of their own REPLY cards. The players that is judged to have created the funniest pairing wins the point.

Play continues until you are bored. Or you could play a pre-set number of rounds are played or points tally is reached. You can decide on this before playing.

New Phone

Overall, New Phone, Who Dis? is an hilarious party game that everybody will love. It is a different kind of game but one that is lots of fun and so easy to play. Some of the pairings of INBOX and REPLY cards are hilarious. Just how would you respond to an INBOX message that said, “I want something more than just casual sex with you”?

The pairing of card INBOX and REPLY can create some truly memorable bizarre and hilarious conversations.

As previously mentioned, New Phone, Who Dis? is definitely a game for adults. The language used on the cards is of an adult nature with lots of sexual references and swearing. An eye-opening game that is not for the prudish or the easily offended. The pairing of cards, that can seem innocuous on their own, can be brutally funny and rude.

Not every card pairing is going to be rolling on the floor, side-splittingly funny. It all depends on the cards dealt and played. And of course, the sense of humour of the judge. But for the most part you will be laughing in every round.

I think that New Phone, Who Dis? is a hilariously fun game. The only change I would make is setting a number of rounds or points to play to. The instructions say play until you are bored, but I think that this can kill the enjoyment. I found it better to set the number of rounds/points before you start playing. You can always play again if you want more fun. And this helps create a bit of healthy competition as well.

This is a simple game that is excellent for more mature game night fun with family and friends. With 150 INBOX card and 300 REPLY cards there are plenty of card pairings to keep the game interesting and fun.

A fantastic fun game. Players do need a good sense of humour to play and not be easily offended by the content and language. I loved it. Quick and simple to play and can excruciatingly funny.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £21.99

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