Family Quiz Night

Quiz games are a game night staple. But trying to find one that is suitable for the kids to play with and against the adults can be quite a difficult task. The questions are either too hard for the kids (unless they have an adult level or genius IQ) or too easy for the adults. Alternatively, they can even be too hard for the adults when the questions are based on YouTubers and the latest teenage crazes and fads. Whichever way the games goes, inevitably one group is always going to be in favour the other. This results in making the game less interesting and enjoyable. Fortunately, Cheatwell Games have a quiz game that is evenly suited for children and adults. Family Quiz Night has two sets of questions – one set for children and one for adults. The game is great because it doesn’t feature one group over the other and you can play as kids vs kids, adults vs adults or kids vs adults.

Family Quiz Night is an all-inclusive trivia game. A board game for 2 or more players age 8+. It can be played as individual players or in teams. The question cards are split into categories and each question card has an adult’s question and a children’s question. Therefore, kids can still answer questions on current pop music, television shows and their favourite YouTubers. Furthermore, the adults get a good variety of general knowledge questions.

Box contents:

  • 8 Decks of Questions Cards
  • Playing Board
  • 6 Playing Counters
  • Die
  • Rules
Family Quiz Night

To make Family Quiz Night more inclusive for everybody, it doesn’t just have kids and adult questions. The question cards will have one question for adults and one for the kids on them. The kids will have the option of a multiple choice answer or not (depending on their age). This makes it a quiz game that the whole family can join in and play together on a level playing field. An excellent way to ensure that different age groups get the same enjoyment.

As it is a board game, the idea is to answer questions from various categories correctly to move your playing counter around the board from the start to the finish line. The first to the finish wins.

As this is a board game, it needs a little bit of setting up before play can begin. With Family Quiz Night this is quite minimal. You just need to place the game board (it is quite small at 10×10 inches) in the centre of table so that all players can see it easily and are able to reach their playing piece. Space on the game board has been maximised to get as many question spaces on the board as possible by working from the outside in, snaking towards the centre finish line. Each player selects a coloured playing piece and places it on the start square. The question cards have eight categories, and each deck of category question cards need to be shuffled and placed in their own card compartment in the box with the category names facing forward. With all that done, you can now play. All you must do now is decide how to play: as individual players, kids vs adults or in mixed teams of adult/child.

There are eight categories to answer questions from as players work their way around the board:

  • T.V.
  • Movies
  • Geography
  • History
  • Music
  • People
  • Science & Nature
  • Pot Luck

You won’t be surprised to hear that the youngest player gets to start the game. Players roll the die (this die only has the numbers 1, 2, and 3 on it) and move their playing piece accordingly that number of spaces on the board. Each space a player lands on has a different category. That player is then asked a question from that category (by the player to their left) – if answered correctly, that player rolls the die again and moves their playing piece forward the required number of spaces and that category space will be the question category for their next turn. If answered incorrectly, that player leaves their playing piece where it is and must answer a question from that same category on their next turn. Play continues with the player on the left and so on. The first player or team to make their way around the board to the finish square is the winner.

Each question card has a child question and adult question. The children’s questions have multiple choice answers – the younger children are read the question and given the multiple choice options, older children and teens are read the question and NOT given the multiple choice options. The adult questions DO NOT have multiple choice options. It helps to level the playing field between children and teens as well as children and adults.

Overall, I think that Family Quiz Night is excellent and the perfect trivia game for the entire family. The different question and answering options work extremely well for everybody playing, ensuring that it wasn’t too easy or too difficult for one group or the other (asking questions that each group wouldn’t have a clue about or could even take an educated guess). As a trivia/quiz game for the whole family to play together, it really works. The youngest players don’t feel left out by having to answer questions beyond their years, and older players are not left answering questions on subjects that are too easy or on subjects designed for kids and teens, it gives everybody an equal chance of winning.

The eight different question categories cover a nice range of topics, but I do think that the questions are pitched at the correct level for kids, teens and adults.

Whilst the gameplay is excellent, I loved how the inside the box is split into compartments to house the category question cards. With eight decks of questions cards to use, having them spread out on the table could get quite messy. It’s little touches like this that do make games more enjoyable.

Family Quiz Night is a fun all-inclusive family trivia game. With its graded questions, it is perfect for all age groups. It takes approximately 40-60 minutes to play (with four players) and I think that this is a perfect game for family game nights, just the right length of time to keep the interest of the kids and adults.

This is an excellent fun and entertaining quiz game. Families will have a great time playing it together. It is a versatile game that takes into account different age groups and knowledge levels and adjusts play accordingly. There are 1200 questions with the game so it should have lots of playability.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £30

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DISCLOSURE: All thoughts and opinions are my own. This review uses an affiliate link which I may receive a small commission from if you purchase through the link.

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