Are you tired of the same old games that leave you “board” out of your mind? Well, hold onto your hats, they might just be blown away, because Flip-Pix is here to flip the script on family game night!

Flip-Pix, brought to you by those wonderful wizards at Cheatwell Games, is a twist ‘n’ shout card game that’s taking game nights by storm. Suitable for 2-6 players aged 6 and up, this game promises a flipping good time in about 30 minutes – which is just enough time to enjoy the game and still have a moment to question your life choices when your six-year-old beats you for the third time in a row.

Flip-Pix is a deck of 56 double-sided cards. As the cards flip you must try to match a letter to a picture card held in your hand. Found it? Then shout it out, play your card and… Flip! You start again! A great rapid reaction game for all ages! You will need the reflexes of a cat and the eyes of an eagle to win!

Flip-Pix is a card game that requires fast eyes and observation skills to match cards. But as it is a twist ‘n’ shout card game, the clue is in the title, it features a twist. Whilst it sounds a bit like that old classic, Snap, Flip-Pix is different, harder and much more fun – you need to be able to match a letter on one card to a picture on another card then shout out the word to match the picture and letter (for example: R on the letter card, a rocket on the picture card, combine the two and shout out ROCKET). It sounds simple, doesn’t it? It wouldn’t be as much fun if it was that easy. Flip-Pix has another twist – the picture cards have 4 pictures, but the letter cards only have 3 letters, you need to be quick of mind, have the speed of a cheetah and the focus of a monk to sort through your cards to find a match fast than the other players. It’s like the universe threw Scrabble, Snap, and a tornado into a blender and out popped Flip-Pix!


Gameplay is simple with easy to understand rules. Shuffle the deck of double-sided cards (letters on one side and pictures on the reverse) and place one card letter side face up in the centre of the table so that all players can see the letters. Share the remaining cards evenly to all the players (they can’t pick them up yet), with the picture side up. If you have any surplus cards remaining just place them to one side.

To begin playing, the card in the centre is the card that is in play and needs to be flipped so that the picture side is now showing. All players (all players play together, there is no turn taking) react like a ninja and grab their cards, flipping them over to the letter sides and frantically start sorting thorough trying to match a letter to a picture on the card in the centre of the table. When a player finds a suitable match, they shout out their answer and place their card, letter side up, on top of the picture card. With a new letter card now in the centre of the table and in play, all players then flip their cards and start hunting for a picture that matches any letter on the card. If any player matches to one of the red bonus letters they get to place down an extra card. The winner is the first player to get rid of all their cards. A flipping fast and frantic fun game.

Overall, Flip-Pix is a fantastic card shedding game where players match pictures to letters and finding the word. Speed of thought and observation skills are key to this game, but with the constant flipping of cards mixing up the matching patterns, we found that the youngest players did just as well as their older opponents. As you start getting rid of cards and your hand diminishes it does become a bit easier without having so many cards to sort through, although as you get less cards you won’t always be able to find a match.

This is a fun and exciting game that the entire family can play together and is excellent entertainment. It is a fast-moving, rapid reaction picture/word matching game where a combination of skills are put to the test – observation, thinking, matching skills and speediness. Is granny a secret ninja? Does the 6 year old have eyes like a hawk? And what about the moody teenager? Do they have the lexicon of Shakespeare or Milton? Flip-Pix will reveal the answers to those questions.

Flip-Pix is a very family-friendly card game, with 56 cards circular cards rather than the standard rectangular cards. The cards are double-sided with one side featuring 3 letters and the reverse side featuring 4 pictures of well-known items that everybody will recognise (horseshoe, zebra, torch, parrots, headphones etc.). With the cards all neatly contained in a small box, Flip-Pix is a game that can be played anywhere and would make an excellent travel game as it takes hardly any space – the box could even fit in your pocket.

We love playing Flip-Pix! It is a flipping fast-moving, fun family game that is simple and quick to play. An inexpensive game at only £6, but one that with give hours of fun for years to come.

Fast flipping family fun!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £5.99

For more information, visit Available to buy from Amazon here.

5 stars

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