Jumbo Playing Cards

Haven’t we been having some great weather recently, which makes a nice change and hopefully it will get better as summer approaches. With great weather comes great responsibility – to get outside and enjoy it that is! And what better way to get out and enjoy the sun than a picnic in the park or your garden with a hand or two of cards. And not just ordinary cards, jumbo playing cards!

Welcome to the whimsical world of jumbo playing cards, where everything is bigger, bolder, and undeniably more amusing. If you’ve ever thought that playing Go Fish, Snap, Poker or even Pick 52 (kids don’t ask what this is, I made that mistake when I was young and had a lot to pick up off the floor, 52 to be exact) with regular-sized cards was too mainstream, then buckle up, because we’re about to dive into the titanic trend of oversized fun!

Jumbo playing cards, a standard deck of 52 playing cards plus Jokers that have had a growth spurt. These cards measures 14x10cm and can double as a fan on those hot days.

I know what you are thinking, “But why? Why would I need such giant cards?” Well, despite what people say, size does matter – when it comes to outdoor games anyway. These leviathans of leisure are perfect for outdoor play. No more squinting to see if that’s a six or an eight from across the picnic blanket. With jumbo cards, you could probably see the numbers from space (okay, maybe not space, but you get the idea).

Yes, these cards are big at 14x10cm (a standard playing card is approx. 9x6cm), but it makes them very easy to see, great for spreading out for a giant game of Solitaire or Snap and despite their size, are easy to hold. Laminated in a hard-wearing, wipe-clean plastic coating they are perfect for outdoor play at picnics and barbecues.

Playing cards have so many games that you can play, have a read of our blog post Family-Friendly Card Games for some ideas. And these larger sized cards scale up the fun, making cards more accessible for younger children, older adults and anybody with poor eyesight to join in the fun.

Jumbo Playing Cards

Overall, jumbo playing cards are a game-changer, literally. Not only are they fun, they are functional, and large without being so big that they can’t easily be held, shuffled and played with. The next time you’re planning an outdoor shindig or just want to enjoy game nights relaxing in the garden, consider going big. Really big. Because as we all know, in the game of cards, the bigger, the better!

The cards are a very good size, easy to see and hold, thick card stock and perfect for outdoor as well as indoor card games. And as they are plastic coated, it makes them wipe clean so you don’t have to worry about spills or getting the cards dirty.

What better way to enjoy the good weather and having some fun with outdoor games than getting out into the garden or the park with your family and friends and playing a nice relaxing game of cards, all you need to do is pick your favourite card game.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £3.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.

5 stars

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