Color Addict

Bring a splash of colour to the game table with a kaleidoscope of chaos and some brain teasing, highly addictive fun with the card game Color Addict! A card game that splashes its way through family game nights with a vibrant vengeance. A game that will test your visual perception and your patience with a palette of pandemonium! If that sounds intriguing, read on, the game is brilliant mind-bending fun.

Color Addict is an addictive brain teasing, fast matching, action card game for 2-6 players aged 7 to 107. It is a deck of 110 cards that come in a highly colourful, eye-catching, box (like a toddler was let loose in a paint factory). The cards are also very colourful as each card has the name of a colour but in a different colour text (so if it says YELLOW, it might be in be printed in RED text). And to confuse matters more, there is also a splodge of colour in the centre of the card that doesn’t match the colour of the text or the word it says. With a playing time of around 15 minutes it is a quick game to play and fun to play over several rounds.

Color Addict is a card game and the object of the game is to get rid of all your cards by matching colours (in word or colour form) to the card in the centre of the table, and there is more than one way to play. With the name of a colour in a coloured text that doesn’t match and a splash of a completely different colour in the centre card it can get visually confusing, but very, very addictive to play! A colourful, visually confusing tease for the brain. Concentration is key to this game, as seeing the word orange printed in green with a splodge of red underneath, there is visually a lot going on to confuse the brain. It’s the ultimate test of concentration and speed. If Picasso made games, this would be it!

Color Addict

Welcome to the chaos of colour! To play Color Addict, shuffle the cards thoroughly and deal evenly to all the players. The dealer starts and takes one card from their draw pile and places it face up in the centre of the table. The cards that each player has been dealt are their own personal draw pile and they take 3 cards from it. There are three different ways to play, but essentially to get rid of your cards, if the card in play has the word BROWN but printed in YELLOW text, players card lay a card with any colour name printed in brown or yellow, a card with any colour with the word brown or yellow or the multicoloured Joker card:

  • BASIC RULES – Play with all the cards. As soon as the dealer turns the card over, everybody can play. There is no turn order; anybody can play a card at any time following the above rules. If you can’t play, draw a card. If you still can’t play, keep drawing until you can. The first player who does not have any cards left in their hand and their draw pile is the winner. When you play the Joker (Multicoloured card), announce the colour you want to play next. Note that the colour splatters are only there to confuse you. No matter what colour they are, they do not affect play.
  • BEGINNER RULES – Play with the basic rules but use only the cards that contain the words RED, BLUE, YELLOW and GREEN (written in any colour).
  • ALTERNATIVE RULES – Play with all the cards, but now players take successive turns instead of playing simultaneously. On your turn, play one card from your hand to the centre pile and then draw one from your draw pile. If you can’t play any cards, simply draw one and play passes on to the next player in clockwise order. If you have more than three cards in your hand on your turn, play one but do not draw. The first player who does not have any cards left in their hand and their draw pile is the winner.
Color Addict

Overall, I have loved playing Color Addict, it is an excellent fun game that certainly isn’t as straightforward as other card matching cards. It is highly addictive, exciting and captivating. A game that is perfect for children, teenagers, adults, friends and families.

With my initial reading through the game rules, my first thoughts were that it sounded confusing and nobody would be interested in playing. Once you start playing, it all begins to make sense very quickly. It’s easy to learn, impossible to master, and guaranteed fun. You see start to see colours in a whole new light.

I think that it is a fantastic visually confusing, brain teaser of a game, as long as you are not colour blind. Looking at the different colours that don’t really match what you think you see, your mind plays tricks on you – you are reading the yellow but seeing red with a splash of blue thrown in for good measure. Which is the correct card to play? Reading the word green in a different colour text has a habit of challenging your colour and visual perceptions. And that’s what makes it fun, interesting, exciting, and highly addictive.

A fantastic game of concentration and fast colourful consideration. It might sound confusing, it really isn’t, and once you start playing, you are hooked! Lots of enjoyment can had with this addictive card game that is suitable for players young and old. And as it is a card game, it can be taken with you and played anywhere, a perfect travel game!

I love Color Addict; it is quick to play and lots of fun. An extremely addictive matching game with a twist and one that never gets boring or dull. With its fast game play, you can play easily play a few rounds in quick succession or play mini tournaments. Highly recommended.

Add a splash of colourful excitement to your next game night with Color Addict. The only thing that’s black and white is how much fun you’ll have!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £12.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.

5 stars

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