Mega Hi-Tower

Katrina and the Waves may have been walking on sunshine but we have been taking advantage of the sunshine and moving our gaming outside into the garden and scaling it up, taking outdoor fun to towering new heights. We have been playing Big Game Hunters Mega Hi-Tower, a giant version of the classic stacking game, it’s Jenga on steroids! A gravity-defying, nail-biting, giggle-inducing spectacle that’s perfect for all ages, indoors or outdoors.

The sun is shining, the barbecue is fired up, and you and your friends are gathered around a towering stack of smooth, wooden blocks. The game is simple – remove a block without sending the tower crashing down.

Mega Hi-Tower consists of 58 chunky solid pine blocks, each measuring 18cm x 6cm x 4.5cm, all housed in a strong, zippered canvas storage bag. Suitable for 2 or more players, age 6+.

In the box:

  • 58 Chunky Wooden Solid Pine Blocks
  • Canvas Storage Bag
  • Rules / Instructions
Mega Hi-Tower

With the sun still shining and the temperature good, it’s time to get into the garden and build a tower using wooden blocks, but who will cause it to collapse?

Mega Hi-Tower starts at a respectable 0.9 meters tall, but as the game heats up, so does the tower’s height, reaching up to a potential sky-scraping 2.3 meters. That’s right, a potential 7 feet 6 inches of wooden wonder!

This isn’t a game of just building a mega high tower, it’s a game of strategy and wits. With the tower stacked and standing at just under a metre tall, the idea is for players to take it in turns to remove a block and stack it on top without causing the tower to collapse, but with the aim of destabilising your opponent’s next move. A game packed with strategic moves, clever thinking, considering the angles and weight distribution etc. (who thought that there could be so much educational value in stacking wooden blocks?). And it is bursting with fun, suspense, drama and energy (when players are jumping out of the way of the tumbling tower)!

The rules and game play are straightforward, but the game itself is all about skill, composure, strategy, risk, garnished with a bit of luck.

Mega Hi-Tower

Overall, Mega Hi-Tower is a fantastic game with excellent quality pieces. Perfect for outdoor play, although just as good indoors if you have the room. An excellent way to get everybody outside to enjoy the sun and fresh air, off the screens and having plenty of fun with family and friends.

With 58 large blocks, made from quality solid pine wood from sustainable sources, it is very easy to play. The blocks are finished well, smooth with sanded edges and have a good weight to them. They are extremely easy to stack and easy to slide out of the tower.

Storage is excellent. All 58 blocks stack and store neatly in the supplied premium canvas bag, into a reasonably small footprint. The bag has a strong padded handle to make transportation a bit easier, although it is a bit heavy – I believe when the bag is packed it weighs in the region of around 13kg.

Enjoy the outdoors as much as you can this summer and play games outside, whether in the garden, the park or beach. Big Game Hunters Mega Hi-Tower in a Bag is a perfect simple and easy game to play because of its large scale, perfect for family fun in the sun, family gatherings, barbecues or great entertainment for your summer garden parties.

Fantastic for kids, adults and families. May the steadiest hand win! But most all of all, just have some fun with a super-sized fun garden game.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £64.99

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5 stars

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