We have lots of board games in our house, we love our game nights. We have played some fantastic games over the years, and we all have our favourites. But we have also played some stinkers, none more so than What’s That Smell? from Wow Wee. A party game that literally stinks! (in a good fun way – if you are not easily offended by the odd bad smell).

What’s That Smell? is a party game for 2-6 players, aged 14 and above. It has a playing time of 15-30 minutes (depending on how many people are playing).

The objective of the game is that it challenges players nostrils to guess a smell using scratch and sniff cards. Whilst some of the smells on the cards are nice, others are outright nostril-abusing revolting! The best sniffer wins and that means that he or she gets to choose the loser who has the lovely task of sniffing one the stinky Stank Cards in The Whiff of Shame!

In the box:

  • 48 Mystery Whiff Card
  • 4 Stank Cards
  • 4 Resealable Scent-barrier bags (for the Stank Cards)
  • 6 Cardholders
  • 1 Sheet of 30 Whiff Strips
  • Scorepad
  • Instructions

In a technology packed world, What’s That Smell? also has an optional free app (for Android and iOS). It allows players to capture “The Whiff of Shame”, the look your face makes when you sniff a truly revolting odour, in slow-motion glory on the ReekCam. This app is optional and is not necessary to play the game, you can just use a timer (one is not supplied). Once you have recorded your video it can then be shared on your favourite social media platforms.

Playing the game is simple, a delight for the nostrils (if you’re lucky) or a nostril-clearing offensive insult to your nasal passage (if you are unlucky). Each player takes a Mystery Whiff Card, Scorecard and a Whiff Strip. They open the first fold of the card, so that the smell zone is visible, but not the answer, and place it in their cardholder. Now you can start putting your sniffer to the test – can you guess the smell?

We played the game using the app (alternatively you can play it with a timer or stopwatch). With the app open, we selected Party Mode, followed by the number of smells we wanted to play with (2 to 6, this would be the number of players) and finally the number of seconds per round (30s, 45s or 60s). With everybody ready, nostrils flared, we hit the Let’s Play! button and prepared to have our nostrils assaulted.


Each player uses a Whiff Strip to rub over the smell zone on their Mystery Whiff Card (just once or twice, there is no need to furiously rub it as it will damage the card). Each player then sniffs the card and must write down on their scorecard what they think the smell is, what smell category they think it is from and a smell association (their funniest memory associated with that smell).


The game finishes when every player has smelt all the cards in play. If there is a tie, the tied players take part in a rapid smell-off round where each player gets 15 seconds to name the smell of a random mystery card. Scores are then added up. The player with the highest number of points is the winner.

With the end of the game, unfortunately somebody needs to lose – and the lucky winner decides who! The winner sniffs out one of the losing players and chooses one of them to suffer the dreaded “Whiff of Shame”. The chosen player has to take 3 big whiffs of one of the Stanky Cards, which have disgusting odours such as Diaper Blowout, Extra Old Toe Cheese, Smothered in B.O. and Hot Chunky Vomit! This is NOT a pleasant experience for the loser, but lots of fun for their fellow players! If you are playing the game with the app, you can record their reaction on the ReekCam in slow-motion and share with your friends on social media.

Overall, I enjoyed What’s That Smell? It is a scentastic nostril abusing and fun party game that teenagers and adults with a sense of humour will love (especially when they are not the one on the Whiff of Shame). It is easy to set up and has a quick playing time. Some of the aromas are quite nice and pleasant whilst others are just outright foul.

Whilst the cards are scratch and sniff cards, if the storage and care instructions are followed properly it is not a single-use game and the cards should last for quite a while. The 4 foul extra-smelly Stank Cards are stored in a reusable bag.

If you are looking for a fun party game for your game nights and want your house to be filled with fun, laughs and more than fragrances of cooking and air fresheners, then I can highly recommend What’s That Smell?

What’s That Smell? really is a stinker of a game that provides lots of fun with nostril abuse.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £24.99

For more information, visit Available to buy from Amazon here.

5 stars

DISCLOSURE: All thoughts and opinions are my own. This review uses an affiliate link which I may receive a small commission from if you purchase through the link.

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