Silly Sounds

Some board games and game nights can be serious business. But Silly Sounds isn’t one of those games. It’s time to get your silly on, get ready to tickle your funny bone and take part in a game that you play with your ears. Silly Sounds from Playmonster is pure silly fun, the most uproarious game to hit the shelves since the whoopee cushion was invented! The audio version of Charades.

Imagine a game where the noble art of sound-making is not only encouraged but required. Yes, you heard it right! Silly Sounds is not your average board game; it’s a symphony of hilarity that will have players of all ages snorting with laughter.

Silly Sounds is a noisy fun-filled family party game for 2-4 players, aged 8 years old and upwards. The idea is simple yet genius, players must guess the noise on the card from the silly sounds made by the other players. And if you think that it is going to be easy, how to do get someone to guess “A monkey on the toilet” or “A chicken playing a banjo” just by making sounds? Or how do YOU guess the silly sounds that are being made? Trust me, it may sound very silly, and it is, but it is also lots of hilarious fun. This game pushes your auditory creativity to the limits.

You don’t need a lot to be able to play this game, a table, some chairs, some good ears and a sense of humour.

In the box:

  • 4x Headbands with Ears
  • 80x Silly Sounds Cards
  • 12x Blank Cards
  • Spinner
  • Timer
  • Rules

Set up for this game is extremely simple, all players furnish their head with a headband with cartoonish ears, the cards are shuffled and the timer and spinner put on the table. Simple. You are now ready to start making some Silly Sounds.

Silly Sounds

The premise of the game to guess the sound, except these are not ordinary sounds. Each player takes a card and without looking at what it says on it, puts it in the holder on the headband and then pops it on their head so that the words on the card are facing out towards to the other players. But how does one win this cacophony of chuckles? It’s a race to collect three cards by correctly guessing or making others guess the sounds. With a spinner that could land on ‘Pick a Player’, ‘All Players’, or the dreaded ‘Mute’, each turn is a gamble of guffaws.

The spinner is split into eight sections: 4 red “Pick a Player” triangles, 3 green “All Players” triangles and 1 blue “Mute” triangle. To play, the starting player spins the spinner and depending on what it lands on is how that players turn is played. If the arrow points to “Pick a Player” the player whose turn it is gets to pick a player to sound out the card, so for example if I was the starting player I would pick another player who would then have to try and sound out the card on my head and I would have to try and guess the answer. In the event that the spinner lands on “All Players” then all players can try sounding out the card. If it lands on “Mute” it has to be acted out silently, no silly sounds can be made. If the answer is guessed correctly, I would win the card, and the first to collect 3 cards is the winner.

Silly Sounds

Overall, this is a very simple and silly game to play. And whether you are 8 or 80, despite how silly it sounds, you will love it, we all found it hilarious. It’s as much fun for the young ones as it is for the young at heart.

The sounds players need to make are definitely off the charts and players certainly do need to be thinking outside of the box to try and sound out some of the bizarre things on the cards. And for having to decipher the hilarious sounds that people come up with to try and describe something with just noise (and with silence) is quite a challenge.

Silly Sounds is a game that will bring out the silly child in EVERYONE! Just let loose with your inhibitions, strap on a pair of fake ears and start making silly sounds (well, only when playing the game, on the train to work might become a problem).

If you have a sense of humour and let yourself get into the spirit of the game, it really is a belly-hurting, rolling on the roll laughing, fun-filled family game that everyone from 8 to 80 will love. With 80 hilarious cards and an infinite number of different interpretations from different players, Silly Sounds will be a firm favourite for some quick fun game nights and it will be different every time. Lots of pure childish fun from start to finish where you can be as creative as you want to be with the noises you can dream up to sound out some really weird descriptors on the cards.

The children had great fun, and to be honest, so did the adults (but don’t tell anyone).

A game where a cacophony of silly sounds isn’t annoying noise but hilarious family fun. Can you sound out a telephone ringing in a tornado? Go on, give it a try!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £13.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.

5 stars

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