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Do you do a lot of online shopping? A lot of us do and that means deliveries. Package couriers all around the country are delivering millions of parcels every day. That’s lots of juggling of parcels. Thankfully, 99.9% of my deliveries are delivered perfectly by friendly delivery people. And now, you can experience flipping parcels for yourself in the electronic parcel-flipping reaction game, This Side Up, from Ideal!

This Side Up is an electronic parcel flipping reaction game, suitable for solo play or competitive play with friends and family. It is suitable for players age 8+. This is an electronic game, so it does require batteries – 3xAAA (and they are included).

In the box:

  • Nothing

Nothing in the box? That doesn’t sound like much of a game. Actually, the “box” is the game. The game looks like a parcel box complete with dents, parcel tape, heavy, fragile, caution, recycle and This Side Up stickers. Basic game instructions are on a removable sleeve around the game. There is a traditional paper instruction leaflet on the inside of the carboard sleeve.

This Side Up

This Side Up is a game that can be played a single player game or can be put into multi-player mode. It features 4 games to play:

  • Solo – a single player game which uses just the box’s label colours.
  • Solo Extreme – a single player game which uses just the box’s label colours and the caution word stickers.
  • Party – a group game which uses just the box’s label colours.
  • Party Extreme – a group game which uses just the box’s label colours and the caution word stickers.

The objective of this game is to listen to the voice commands, colour or word, and flip or throw the parcel so that the correct sticker is facing upwards. Players must score as many points as possible before flipping the box the wrong way or dropping it.

The game has a different colour sticker/caution label on each side on the parcel. Players must listen for the voice command and throw/flip the box in the air, catch it with the correct colour sticker facing upwards (or the correct caution label) and repeat. With each successful catch the game speeds up, how long will you be able to keep it going before flipping the wrong colour or even dropping the package? So far, my highest score is 24!

  • FLIP, CATCH, REPEAT!: Follow This Side Up’s voice commands, flipping the parcel until the correct colour is facing upwards. You must be quick to follow the parcel’s instructions, quickly flipping and catching the box to keep the correct side facing up before time runs out.
  • DON’T BREAK THE BOX: As the instructions get faster, can you keep up without dropping the box and ‘breaking’ the contents?
  • SO REPLAYABLE: This Side Up is addictive to play! Can you get the highest score?
  • CAN YOU TAKE ON THE CHALLENGE?: This Side Up is the family reaction game you will find hard to put down, with 4 fun, fast games to play!
  • PLAY TOGETHER: See if you can get the highest score and challenge your friends, or work together to master This Side Up together.
This Side Up

Overall, I love this game and it is highly addictive trying to beat you own highest score. It is so simple to play but can be very challenging once the voice commands get faster. A simple game to play, but one that drags you in to challenge yourself to beat your highest score, or even to play with a group of friends or family members and beat them.

This Side Up is a wonderfully fun and addictive reaction game. It puts listening and observation skills to the test as well as fast hand/eye co-ordination. And you certainly do need quick reactions to listen, flip and catch correctly.

A very easy game to play. There are no components to set up, no cards to deal, no fighting over who is having what playing piece and no questions to ponder over and answer. Just pick it up, press the play button and flip away. The game only has 2 buttons – one to turn on and start playing and the other to cycle through game modes.

I found that the game volume was quite loud, and by default it was in the highest volume. This generally wouldn’t be a problem but at high volume I found it hard to understand the word “yellow”, although the other words were just fine (maybe it is just my hearing). When I put it into the lower volume, I found that I could understand it better whilst it was still loud enough to comfortably hear correctly and be able to follow the instructions. The volume is easily changed by pressing and holding both buttons for 1 second.

As a parcel with 6 sides, the game has 6 different colours to flip through (blue, yellow, red, orange, green and purple) and four extra caution words (heavy, fragile, caution and recycle). This gives the game a good variety of words to listen out for, making it a good challenge. You must be quick to find and flip to the correct word.

After a few seconds of inactivity the game puts itself into sleep mode to preserve the batteries (just press one of the buttons to wake it up). And I like that if you quickly press and release both buttons together you can hear the current high score for that game mode.

This is a game that just by the nature of the game play is going to get dropped a lot! As it is a plastic box, will it last? With “parcel tape” around the edges and corners that is rubberised it does a good job of protecting the box. The box itself feels good quality, thick and strong durable plastic. It has been dropped a lot whilst I have been playing it and so far, no cracks or breakages have occurred and the speaker, buttons and internal parts all seem to be holding up. If you are not being silly and throwing it too high or too far, I think it will hold up to general play perfectly.

I loved the solo play, it is excellent fun, just trying to beat your own or others highest score. Party mode is just as much fun, the last player not to drop the box is the winner.

This Side Up is a fun and very addictive game. Whether you are 8 or 88, you will love the challenge of trying to beat your own scores. It is fantastic fun for solo or group play. Put your listening and parcel throwing skills to the test with This Side Up!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £24.99

For more information, visit Available to buy from Amazon here.

5 stars

DISCLOSURE: All thoughts and opinions are my own. This review uses an affiliate link which I may receive a small commission from if you purchase through the link.

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