The Game of Saying ‘Huh?!’ a game that all pre-teens and teenagers should be drawn to as no matter what question you ask them the answer always seems to be ‘Huh?!’ Or some other nonsense variation of the word. Anyway, let’s let get off that subject and not go on a rant. Back to the game of The Game of Saying ‘Huh?!’ from Tomy is actually a fun family game, a game that I’m pleased to say doesn’t just rely on saying ‘Huh?!’

The Game of Saying ‘Huh?!’ is a game for 3-8 players, aged 8+ with an approximate playing time of around 15 minutes. It is a creative card and voice acting game where players must use only their voice and facial expressions to try and convey what they are. For example, saying the word ‘Huh?!’ can mean so many different things – can you guess if the person saying it is surprised, angry or even saying it like a zombie? Can you convey what you are just by tone or voice and facial expressions?

In the box:

  • 30 Task Cards
  • 8 Act Cards
  • 8 Voting Cards
  • 64 Letter Tokens
  • 54 Scoring Chips
  • Instructions

The Game of Saying ‘Huh?!’ is a game of not WHAT you SAY, but HOW you SAY IT!” Can you say Huh?! ‘Like a Zombie’, or like you’ve ‘Fallen in Love’ or how about like you’re ‘Angry’. The same word combined with different facial expressions can mean many different things. And will the other players be able to guess and vote for the correct one you are trying to get across?

The Game of Saying ‘Huh?!’ is a fun party game where players must say the word of the task cards in different ways for the other players to guess which one from A to H you are on the card. Players score points for good guesses and acting. Whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins.

Setting up the game is straightforward and easy. Each player receives 8 letter tokens (A to H) and a voting grid card. The 30 Task Cards are shuffled and placed face down on the table. The Act Cards are shuffled, and one given to each player face down (any remaining cards are taken out of play).

Playing the game is simple, all your must do is say a word and the other players guess it. Except it isn’t that simple, that would make it a boring game. The last player to have said ‘Huh!’ gets to start – I don’t know how you police this so you will probably come up with your own starting player or just look at the teenager next to you and it was probably them when you asked if they wanted to play a game.

With the starting player selected, they take a Task Card from the top of the deck and places it into the card slot in the box so that it stands vertically and everybody can see it. The Task Card will have a word or words at the top which is the task that the person in play must act out using just their voice to say the word(s) and facial expressions to convey meaning (if they can). The Task Card will also feature 8 answers which the other players vote for. To play, the person whose turn it is secretly looks at the letter on their Act Card, which will be a letter from A to H and that is the word or action that they must act out with the word(s) at the top of the card. For example, the word at the top of the card is ‘Huh?!’ and you have an Act Card with the letter C (which in this case is Angry), so you must act out the word ‘Huh’ in an angry way just by saying ‘Huh’ and using facial expressions. No gestures or movement of any kind below the neck are allowed.

The other players watching your skilful acting performance now must secretly vote for which one of the letters from the card they think matches your performance. They do this by taking one of their letter tokens and placing it face down on their voting card (on No.1 for Player 1, No. 2 for Player 2 etc.). Once voting has finished, play moves on to the next player until all players have had a turn.

When all players have had a turn, the voting can be revealed. Starting with Player 1, all players reveal what they voted by turning over their voting token in the Player 1 position whilst Player 1 reveals their Act Card. Players that match the letter receive 1 point token and the performer also receives a point token for each correctly guessed answer. This is done for all players and the player with the most points after all votes have been revealed and totted up is the winner.

Overall, this is a fantastic fun party game and will never be the same no matter how many times you play as individual players will always have their own unique take on how to perform their tasks.

The cards are good quality and easy to read and I love how the box also becomes part of the game with a slot to hold the card in play and compartments to hold the tokens neatly whilst playing and whilst not in use.

Whilst there are only 30 Task Card there are 8 ways to perform each task so gives plenty of variation and depending on how it is performed and the other players reading of facial expression and interpretation of tone of voice the answers are always going to wildly vary making in a very interesting game. And not just interesting, it can be hilarious – can you perform She Sells Seashells on the Seashore in a sexy way or Excuse Me like you just burped?

The game is excellent fun for the entire family, from ages 8 to 88 and beyond. It’s not even just the words and how they are said that make it fun, some of the facial expressions that players come up with that they think (or overthink) convey the tone and meaning are just comical and entertaining in themselves.

The Game of Saying ‘Huh?!’ is an extremely exciting fun family game that is perfect for family game nights, birthday parties or any other gathering of family and friends. With Christmas approaching it would be great to play after Christmas dinner is over.

Can you perform your task well enough for other players to correctly guess just by tone of voice and facial expressions? This game will be a fun test.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £14.99

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5 star

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