5 Second Rule Jr.

Trivia games are great and I loved playing 5 Second Rule Uncensored, which is a game for adults. As it is such a fun game, the kids shouldn’t miss out, so we have been playing 5 Second Rule Jr., the kids version of the game.

The 5 Second Rule family of games are naming games, players have 5 seconds to name 3 things from a category. And it’s a lot more difficult than it sounds. 5 Second Rule Jr. features categories more suited for younger children rather than teenagers and adults.

5 Second Rule Jr. is a board game suitable for 3 or more players, aged 6+. It has a playing time of approximately 15 minutes.

In the box:

  • 400 Questions on 200 Game Cards
  • 6 Pawns
  • 5-second Twisted Timer
  • Game Board
  • Rules
5 Second Rule Jr.

The concept of the game is the same as with the other games in the 5 Second Rule series, name 3 things within 5 seconds. In the junior version it will be things such as “name three flavours of ice cream”. Straightforward enough, especially as most kids LOVE ice cream. But it becomes a whole lot more difficult when under pressure from the 5 seconds timer.  The winner is the first to answer enough question to cross the finish line first on the board.

Setting up the game to play is simple. The playing board is placed in the centre of the table, along with the question cards and the zoop timer. Each player selects a coloured pawn and places it on the start on the board. With the setting up now complete, the game is ready to play.

The youngest player is the first up to name three things. The player to their right picks a card and reads it aloud. Once read out, the timer is turned over and the person in play now has 5 seconds to name three things that are associated with the question on the card. As this is a junior version, the questions will be more child-friendly and has questions such as “Name three things that are blue”, “Name three things to do on a car journey” or “Name three things that begin with the letter P”. The questions are easy to read and understand, so children from 6 upwards shouldn’t have any issues. If the player can name three things before the timer runs out, they advance one place on the game board. If not, they stay where they are and play continues with the next player who gets to answer the same question. If you do have children of different ages and the youngest is struggling, the rules do state that they only need to give 2 answers to everyone else’s three. This does make it an all-inclusive game.

5 Second Rule Jr.

As players progress around the board, there are three 5+5 bonus spots. If a player lands on one of these spaces, they get an extra 5 seconds, to answer the question, giving a total of 10 seconds, to name three things.

Overall, 5 Second Rule Jr. is a fast, fun-filled game with a quick gameplay of around 15 minutes. It is easy to play and the kids love it, especially as there is no real disadvantage for the youngest players as with a lot of trivia and quiz games.

The questions are very child-friendly, covering a wide range of topics and are not too challenging for children to get engaged with and have fun, whilst still being suitable for adults to get involved with family play. It is an excellent game for the kids to play amongst themselves or for families to play together. It is also perfect for encouraging memory and quick thinking skills as well as helping children learn patience and turn-taking.

5 Second Rule Jr. is a fast fun game. It’s quick game play ensures that plenty of fun is had without children getting frustrated or losing interest.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £13.99

For more information or to buy, visit PlayMonster. Also available to buy from Amazon here.

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