Step Right Up!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, friends and families, gather ’round for the latest craze that’s taking gardens across the country to fun new heights – Step Right Up! It’s the perfect blend of physical challenge and hilarious hijinks, guaranteed to turn any garden gathering into a carnival of laughter.

With the sun shining, smothering us with it’s warming love, that can only mean one thing – to get out into the gardens, parks and beaches and have some fun. But once you get outside, what do you do? Well, you’ve turned the screens off, put your phones away, and ventured outside. The sun is shining, and the grass is just begging to be frolicked upon. What do you do? You whip out the hilarious challenge game Step Right Up!, the game where you can prove your mettle in the most whimsical ways possible. From balancing bean bags on your head while reciting the alphabet backward to throwing rubber bands at targets with the precision of a cat stalking its prey – this game has it all.

Step Right Up! is a party game of competitive and crazy challenges. It is suitable for 2 to 8 players, aged 8+, with a playing time of around 30 minutes, but to be honest it all depends on how many people are playing and how long you take over the challenges, so take that as a very loose estimate. With over 130 challenges it is a perfect game for summer as it can be played outdoors in the garden as well as indoors.

In the box:

  • 132 Challenge Cards
  • 4 Bean Bags
  • 5 Rubber Bands
  • Blindfold
  • Inflatable Beach Ball
  • Measuring Tape
  • Sand Timer
  • 96 Tokens
  • Rules Booklet
  • 2 Triangular Boxes Used for Challenges
Step Right Up!

Step Right Up! is a game of challenges. Players take it in turns to complete a random challenge. Throw, dodge, jump, roll, shoot and balance your way to victory! Pick a challenge card, then compete with others to complete it. A game that will test your athleticism and your calmness under pressure to the max! But best of all, it is absolutely hilarious! But wait, there’s more! Not only does this game test your athleticism, but it also gives your brain a workout. With challenges that require quick thinking and sharp wit, you’ll be flexing those mental muscles just as much as the physical ones.

A wacky party game with 132 fun challenges for the whole family to attempt, even if you’re as coordinated as a newborn giraffe, as it suits all skill levels. It is a game that will leave you, your fellow challengers or those just observing, in fits of laughter, especially when your elderly Aunt Mavis is trying to balance a beach ball on her nose. It is a game that is super for playing outside in the sun (when the weather allows), and just as good when played indoors.

This game is perfectly suited for outdoor garden play, as some of the challenges require a lot of space when you are jumping around and throwing things etc. The game has 4 different types of challenges; Popcorn Challenge, Umbrella Challenge, Trumpet Challenge and Sunglasses Challenge. The set up for playing isn’t a challenge; empty the contents of the box on to a table and separate into 4 piles, one pile for each type of challenge. Give each player a Mystery Challenge Card and scan the QR code for their own secret challenge (this can be attempted at any point during the game to try and win a token of their choice – the challenges are randomised and updated every few months). That’s the setting up done, you are now ready to play, firstly by disappointing the kids as the eldest player gets to start – go Aunt Mavis!

To play the game, each player takes turns choosing a challenge card from the 4 decks and reads it aloud so that all the other players can hear. They must then attempt the challenge on the card: this can be a solo challenge, partner challenge, group challenge or opponent challenge. For example: Human Basketball is a Sunglasses Challenge and is a solo challenge (all players play individually) – another player stands 2 metres away and forms a hoop with their arms. The active player then attempts to shoot as many hoops as they can with the inflatable beach ball, all in 30 seconds. All players have a go and the player that scores the most hoops wins a token (sunglasses).

Step Right Up

As players work their way through the hilarious and wacky challenges, for every challenge won or completed, the players take a token that matches the symbol on the card. If you have three of the same tokens you can swap two of them for one different token. The winner is the first player to win all four different types of tokens.

Overall, we have loved playing Step Right Up! It is a wacky, hilarious and energetic game that is suitable for the whole family, regardless of age or ability, and is the perfect game for playing out in the garden this summer.

So, the next time you’re pondering how to spice up your gaming, grab Step Right Up!, put on your game face and head out into the garden to let the good times roll. It’s a way to create memories, share laughs, and maybe, just maybe, discover that you’re a human basketball champion in the making. Who knew throwing a ball into Uncle Bob’s arm hoop could be the highlight of your weekend?

With a variety of challenges, there is something for everyone and they are great fun. During the challenges, players will use a variety of objects: beach ball, bean bags, blindfold, rubber bands and even the box, to complete the varied challenges. It really is a fun and active game where participation is a must and one that the youngest to the eldest family member will love. The challenges will see you go head-to-head with other players, have solo or group challenges or even team up with another player to complete the crazy tasks. You must jump, bounce, catch, balance, throw, blow, roll and shoot to win tokens.

With 132 competitive and crazy challenges, there is plenty to do and the replay value is superb, never getting old. The challenges are all explained very well on each challenge card with good images to illustrate the actions. The challenges are varied and have different levels of ability, but most can be attempted/achieved by all age groups and fitness levels.

And with each challenge, there could be one winner, multiple winners or even no winners, giving everybody plenty of opportunities to win the tokens needed to become the Step Right Up! challenge winner. How’s that for summer fun!

The rules of play are very easy to understand and they do change slightly depending on number of people playing to allow all players a fair and equal chance at winning. In the world of Step Right Up!, everyone’s a winner – especially those with a good sense of humour, a love for outdoor fun but most of all, for those that happily join in.

Step Right Up! is a fun party game that is quality entertainment for game nights or your summer garden tournament. Age is no barrier to who can play, and it really is a game of taking part and having fun rather than who the overall winner is. A fantastic way to have fun in the garden, stay active and get some exercise while enjoying the outdoors this summer.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £24.99

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5 stars

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