A lot of board and tabletop games are family orientated. But we don’t always want to sit down and play games with the kids. Sometimes we just want a more grown up evening with older family members and friends. 5 Second Rule Uncensored is a game designed just for that reason. A lot of people may have heard of, or even played, the more child-friendly versions of the popular 5 Second Rule games, but the uncensored version is just for adults.

5 Second Rule Uncensored is a party game for adults, aged 17 years plus. It is a game for 3 or more players with a playing time of around 30-45 minutes.

In the box:

  • 150 doubled-sided question cards in a card box
  • Twisted “Zoop” timer
  • Rules

As with the other versions of 5 Second Rule games the concept is simple. Players have 5 seconds to name three things. As this is the uncensored adult version your naughty side must come to the surface. This means that players must bring their dirty, smutty minds to the table to come up with answers. 

In the game, you will have fairly innocuous questions such as Name 3 “Things that you can cover in chocolate” or “Things in a bedside drawer” to the outright dirty such as “Things you shouldn’t do to your anus” or “Ways to have an orgasm”. Coming up with three answers shouldn’t be a problem, but you only have 5 seconds to come up with suitable answers. Can you do it in time without getting tongue-tied and flustered? And will you be embarrassed by what your mind dredges up?

As most adults know, foreplay is key. “FOREPLAY” in the case of 5 Second Rule Uncensored is their term for setting up the game to play. This is easy and straightforward. Just place the question cards in their box, the timer in the centre of the table, decide how many rounds that you want to play (for larger groups it is suggested 3 rounds, small groups of 4 or 5 rounds) and you’re ready to get down the serious play time.

The starting player selects a card and reads it out aloud, then flips over the timer. The timer makes a “zoop sound” and the player has 5 seconds (until all the balls have reached the bottom of the timer) to name 3 things for the topic on the card. It sounds easy, and in theory should be, but with only 5 seconds to name three things, it can be difficult. The zooping of the timer and short time puts players under pressure and has a habit of making minds go blank! If a player can’t name 3 things, the next player along must try (without using any answers from any previous player). Once a player has named 3 things, they are awarded the point, keeping that card. If no one can get all 3, the card ends up back with the starting player and they are awarded the point by default. Play then continues with the next player and a new card.

Play continues until the number of rounds set at the start of the game reaches “THE CLIMAX”. Players don’t now roll over and light up a cigarette but count up the cards they have won, with the player having the most being declared the winner.


Overall, lots of risqué fun is had whilst playing 5 Second Rule Uncensored. It is a good, more grown up version of the family version and lots more fun, especially when people start to get embarrassed (providing you have a sense of humour and not easily offended). This is a game that is NOT for the prudish, and certainly NOT for children. It is a fast-paced game and some of the questions are hilarious, and answers can be even funnier. Even some of the more innocuous questions can end up with some truly belly-hurting laughs from all players.

This is an excellent game for close friends and open-minded adults. I can guarantee that you will be falling off your chair with laughter. It will possibly leave you wondering how your best friends would know “foods you can use during sex” or “places you’d find prostitutes”. It might make you see your closest friends in a whole new light.

5 Second Rule Uncensored is a fun adult party game. I can highly recommend it, especially if you like a laugh. Although it is probably not something you would want to play with your mum!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £14.99

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