5 Second Rule Electronic

We really enjoy playing the 5 Second Rule series of games where players must name 3 things from a category within 5 seconds, and it can be a lot more difficult than it sounds. We have previously played 5 Second Rule Jr., which is suitable for children age 6+ and families, and 5 Second Rule Uncensored, which is suitable just for the adults, and only the adults. We have recently been playing 5 Second Rule Electronic which is suitable for slightly older children, age 10+, and family play.

We love the 5 Second Rule games from Playmonster. They are fun games where as easy as they sound, that 5 second time pressure makes it quite difficult to ‘name 3 things that go with chips’ – doesn’t everything goes with chips? Or maybe ‘name 3 flavours of ice cream’. Very simplistic questions where everybody should be able to come up with some credible answers. The Uncensored adult version is played the same way but with rather more risqué questions and more of a challenge. Whilst reading this, you have probably already named 3 or more things for one of those questions. But could you do it in 5 seconds with a timer counting down and your fellow players watching and waiting for your answers, adding that extra pressure? It is a lot more difficult than you think, and surprising how little you can recall from the depths of your memory when under time pressure.

5 Second Rule Electronic is the same fun game for children and families. A family game for 3-6 players aged 10 and over. It has a playing time of around 20-30 minutes. It is a game where a quick mind and fast hand is essential, especially now as an electronic timer has been added. Players still only have five seconds to give their three answers but they must also hit the electronic timer button before it goes off. Gone is the annoying (at least for me) Zoop timer found in previous versions.

In the box:

  • 326 Question Cards (652 Questions)
  • Electronic Timer
  • Playing Board
  • Playing Pawns (x6)
  • Pass on Cards (x6)
  • Switch Cards (x6)
  • Rules
5 Second Rule Electronic

Setting up the game to play is quick and easy. As it is an electronic game, you know that it requires power of some kind, in this case AAA batteries. You will need to install 3x AAA batteries in the timer as none are supplied. The playing board is placed in the centre of the table with the electronic timer in the centre of the board. The question cards go into the card box with the same colour facing the front/draw end (Note: the card box does not hold all the cards and there are more that can be used when required). Place the card box in a position on the table where everyone can reach it. Each player chooses their colour of playing pawn and places it on the START position on the playing board. Each player is dealt 1 PASS ON card and 1 SWITCH card. Set up complete (I told you it was quick and easy), the game is now ready to play and will be harder than the set up but much more fun.

To play 5 Second Rule Electronic, the youngest player is thrust into the HOT SEAT with play going left around the table. The player to the right of the person in the hot seat draws a card from the box and reads it aloud. All cards begin with “Name 3…” followed by random categories. For example, the card may read “Name 3 Cheeses”. Once the question has been read out, the reader of the question presses the button on the timer to start the countdown, the player in the hot seat then has five seconds to name three cheeses and could go for Cheddar, Stilton and (if you know your cheese) Stinking Bishop (which doesn’t sound appealing). Once they have answered the question, they press the timer and will get a ‘ding’ sound, if they don’t press it within the five seconds the timer will make a ‘buzz’ sound. If the player in the hot seat answered the question correctly and hit the timer in time they can move one space on the board, if not the same question moves on to the next player, but they cannot use any of the answers already given. Play continues until a player can move their piece around the board to the finish.

That isn’t the extent of the game. Players are also in possession of PASS ON and SWITCH cards to aid them in their progress around the board. To use these cards, the active player needs to shout PASS ON or SWITCH (as long as they have the card to match) before their turn. PASS ON allows the player to pass their question on to the next player and if they get it wrong the player that passed it on moves forward one space (be aware: if they do get it right, they move forward a space). If a player plays their SWITCH card, they can swap their question for another. As players make their way around the board, they must also watch out for the danger zones, they can result in missing a turn!

Overall, we love playing the 5 Second Rule games in general and the 5 Second Rule Electronic edition is just as enjoyable (and I personally prefer the electronic timer over the Zoop timer). It is very easy and simple to play but coming up with the answers is a bit more of a challenge (games that use a timer have a very bad habit of wiping all information from your brain, leaving you floundering and spluttering).

This version of the game has slightly more advanced questions than the junior version. Some of the answers that come up are just hilarious.

The electronic timer is a brilliant addition. It makes the game that bit easier to use and it certainly won’t get as annoying as the old Zoop timer (the Zoop timer was great until the novelty wore off).

We have really enjoyed playing the 5 Second Rule Electronic. It is fast and exciting and fun for the entire family to play together as well as the kids playing amongst themselves.

5 Second Rule Electronic is a fast and fun game that is perfect for family game nights. With over 650 questions there is always something different every time we play and plenty of memory loss even to the simplest of questions.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £21.99

For more information or to buy, visit PlayMonster.co.uk. Also available from Amazon here.

5 stars

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