Igloo Mania

Well, we are coming up to the time of year where the weather gets colder. That means we tend to spend more time indoors and snuggle up in the warmth. The cold weather, warmth and cosiness of our homes makes it ideal for gathering around the table and playing board games. And what could me more perfect than Igloo Mania, a fun family game.

Igloo Mania in not strictly a board game in the traditional sense as it has no board, it is more of a tabletop game. It is a game that requires skill, patience and a very steady hand!

Igloo Mania is a game for 2-4 players, aged 5+. It has a playing time of around 15-20 minutes. The objective of the game is to remove blocks from the igloo using an ice pick without the igloo imploding and seeing Parka Pete fall.

In the box:

  • 64 Ice Blocks
  • 35 Penguin Picks
  • Parka Pete Figure
  • Support Dome (in two parts)
  • Base Ring with Door
  • Sticker Sheet
  • Instructions
Igloo Mania

On first opening the box, you need to stick the numbered stickers on all the ice blocks (each block is numbered inside). Once this is done you are ready to start playing.

Before you can play, there is some setup that is required – the igloo dome needs to be assembled. There is a support dome to help do this and keep the ice blocks in place. Once the igloo is assembled, place the Parka Pete figure on top of the igloo. Lift the igloo (by the igloo door) off the support dome. You are now ready to play.

Players need to take it turns to use their ice pick and insert it into a block in the igloo and remove it without causing the igloo to implode or Parka Pete to fall from the top of the igloo. You really do need a steady hand to play. As younger children may be not so dexterous, there is also an option to play by leaving the support dome in.

Any blocks that fall outside the igloo on a players turn must be taken by that player (any that fall inside are left until the end of the game). The player that causes Parka Pete to fall collects ALL of the unclaimed fallen blocks. The player with the fewest blocks is the winner. In the event of a tie, players must add up the numbers on the inside of the blocks (remember the stickers you attached on first opening of the box), the player with the highest total score wins.

Overall, Igloo Mania is an excellent fun family game, very similar to Jenga but in a more child-friendly form with its igloo and Parka Pete. It is a fantastic game of skill, dexterity and patience. We have had some great fun playing it.

Being able to play with the support dome still attached is also excellent for getting younger players that don’t have the dexterity skills or patience, making them just a bit less heavy handed is excellent. It makes the game more inclusive and stops frustration.

Igloo Mania is a fun game that the entire family can engage with, and with two different ways to play depending on skill levels, it truly is one everyone can enjoy.

Easy to play and perfectly themed for the colder weather and approaching winter.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £19.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.

5 stars

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