Think Words

Are you good with words? Could you think of a word for a specific category under pressure and within a 10 second time limit? If so, Think Words from Ideal is the game for you. A fast paced category word game that challenges players to think quickly! Name it, press it, pass it!

Think Words is a fast-paced letter pressing word game that challenges players to think fast and find a word. Not only is a game for quick thinking under pressure but is excellent for increasing children’s vocabulary.

Think Words is a tabletop game suitable for 2-8 players, aged 8+. It has a playing time of around 30 minutes.

In the box:

  • Letter wheel (with built-in) card storage
  • 36 cards (featuring 144 different categories)
  • Instructions
Think Words

Please note: this game has an electronic timer so you will need 2x AA batteries (not supplied).

Think Words is a letter pressing word game based around a large letter wheel and category cards. This wheel has 20 letter buttons to push down (the letters Q, U, V, X, Y and Z have been omitted from the wheel). After reading a category card, players have 10 seconds to Name It, Press It, Pass It!

Before play can begin, you will need to install 2x AA batteries into the base of the letter wheel. Once installed, you can turn the wheel on/off using the switch. Have a quick read through the instructions to familiarise yourself with the game – it is a very quick and simple game to learn, but more difficult to get the answers under pressure!

To play Think Words, grab some friends or family members as you need at least 2 players. Remove the category cards from the storage compartment located in the base of the wheel and place them on the table. Switch the wheel on and place it in the centre of the table, making sure all the letter buttons are all in the up position (if not, move the slider in the centre of the wheel to reset).

The eldest player starts by selecting a category card. The category card is double sided with two categories on each side. Once a card is selected, the player reads out one category question (e.g., Body Parts) and presses the timer button in the centre of the Letter Wheel (this starts the 10 second countdown timer). The player to the left then has 10 seconds to give an answer to the category question – for example, as the category in this case is body parts, a correct answer could be nose. If an answer is given, the player presses down the corresponding letter on the wheel (N for nose) and presses the timer again. The timer is now reset and play passes to the next player who now has 10 seconds to give another answer for the same category. If they fail to answer within 10 seconds and the bell sounds or they give an incorrect answer or give an answer using a letter that has already been used, that player is out of that round and play continues to the next player. Play continues until one player remains or all the letters are pushed down. Once a letter has been pushed down it can no longer be used.

Think Words

Overall, Think Words is a fun fast-paced word game that is fantastic to play. We have loved playing it. It is very easy to learn, quick to set up and you can play for as long as you want by determining before each game how many rounds you are going to play.

Think Words is great for entertaining the kids and keeping their minds active and they might even learn some new words. The speed of the game really does require quick thinking and the 10 second time pressure makes it more exciting. It is great for improving vocabulary, especially when adults are playing as you can introduce the children to new words and even get them to use a dictionary to look up meanings of unfamiliar words once the game has finished.

This is a game that is great fun for children and adults, and very educational for the kids. It is great to see them having to use their brains and their own internal lexicon, and even adding to it.

If you want a relaxing game to play, Think Words is not it. The noise of the timer combined with the constant slapping at the timer, the constant pressing of the letter buttons (as children tend to be a bit heavy handed) and the fast and furious word shouting can be quite loud but is fantastic fun.

The categories (questions) are all child friendly so children should be able to come up with answers, except when the pressure of the timer erases your brain of even the simplest things such as pizza toppings. If other players disagree with an answer, the other players must be convinced it is correct and unfortunately for that player, majority rules!

I think that Think Words is a fast and fun game to play, perfect for kids and families. Easy to play and very entertaining.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £24.99

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