We like to play lots of different types of games, but one of our favourites, a very addictive one, is Color Addict – a card game that tests your visual skills and brain processing in a compulsive matching game. It is an excellent game, perfect for families. A superb warm up game for game nights. Then we stumbled upon a very similar version of that game, one designed specifically for adults. This game is called F**k. The Game.

F**k. The Game is a card game, a foul mouth party game that challenges players’ ability to quickly and accurately identify colours and words, creating a fun and often hilarious experience, which quite frankly, f**cks with your head. It is an hilarious adult party game for 2-8 players, age 18+.

In the box:

  • 60 Game Cards
  • 4 Rule Cards
  • Instructions

Essentially, this is a card shedding game. To win, just get rid of your cards. But it is not quite that simple. The deck has 60 cards with different coloured backgrounds and a word printed on them. The word will be the name of a colour (that doesn’t match the colour of the background) or a swear word. The text will be in either black or another colour. So to get rid of your cards, flip one over and say the correct colour using the following rules:

  1. If the colour of the text is black you need to say what the background colour of the card is.
  2. If the colour of the text is coloured you need to say that colour.
  3. However, if the text is a swear word you just need to say that swear word.
  4. But if the word is “F**K”, you don’t say it. Follow rules 1 & 2.

You have to be quick, you don’t have time to consider what you see on the card. Take too long and other players can jump in and slap the deck and the winning slapper gets to deal 2 extra cards to any player of their choosing with the rest of the deck going to the loser. Play all your cards to win.

To play, remove the rule cards from the deck and them face up on the table so that everyone can see them. Shuffle the cards and deal them all, face down, between the players (players cannot look at their cards). Take it in turns to flip a card from your personal deck and say the correct answer (for example; flip a card over with a green background and the word purple in black, you would quickly say GREEN. Flip over a card with a purple background with the word orange in green, you would say ORANGE. If you flip over a card with a swear word, you say the word regardless of colours, unless it is the F word. Flip a card with the F word, you don’t say it and you follow rules 1 & 2.

If a player takes too long to say their word or colour, or gets it wrong, the other players race to slap the deck of played cards. The first player to slap the deck gets to deal 2 cards another player with the remaining cards going to the losing player. The player to get rid of all the cards is the winner.

Confused yet? Actually, the game play is very simple. Trying to quickly say the correct colour or word when your brain is seeing a variety of colours is much more difficult, and lots of fun.

Overall, F**k. The Game is a superb and hilarious card game for adults only. Where else can you sit around the table shouting swear words at each other in a socially acceptable way? The deck has 6 different swear words, including the C word that some might find offensive, but you can always remove these cards before playing if that is the case.

It is a quick game to play and really gets your brain working trying to decipher the colours that you are looking at to say the one that is needed.

The instruction leaflet also has some optional extra rules to add in some extra fun. You can even add in your own rules or purchase a DIY expansion pack to add in your own words. And it has plenty of replay value too!

F**k. The Game is a foul mouthed confusion of colours that is lots of humorous fun. An excellent adults only party game. Obviously not for everyone due to the language, but if your don’t mind some colourful language around the table then you are guaranteed some fun. And it is a handy sized deck of cards in a box that you can take and play anywhere!

Add some socially acceptable foul mouthed adult rip roaring humour to your game nights with F**k. The Game.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £13.99

For more information, visit www.f–kthegame.com. Available to buy from Amazon here.

5 stars

DISCLOSURE: All thoughts and opinions are my own. This review uses an affiliate link which we may receive a small commission from if you purchase through the Amazon link.

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