Dirty Minds

I love family game nights, they are great fun. But sometimes we all want a bit more adult entertainment and have an adult game night. That could be with games such as Monopoly or Trivial Pursuit, some more risqué with 5 Second Rule Uncensored or Gutterhead, or the contradictory world’s cleanest “dirty” game “Dirty Minds”.

Dirty Minds is a card game for 2 or more players, age 17+, where the only dirt is in the mind of the beholder. This cheeky adult only card game has a playing time of 20-40 mutes and has been causing blushing cheeks and belly laughs since its inception. It’s a game that proves that sometimes, the most innocent of words can take a walk on the wild side when viewed through the lens of a suggestive mind.

In the box:

  • 56 Clue Cards; 280 Naughty Clues with 56 Clean Answers (Red backs)
  • 56 Game Cards (Black backs)
  • Instructions

Dirty Minds is a card game where a series of naughty clues lead to the most wholesome of answers. The game is simple, players take turns reading naughty clues to the other players for them to try and guess the clean answer. The clues are crafted to lead you down the garden path into the filthy gutter. It’s the ultimate test of keeping a straight face while your mind races through the filth your mind conjurors up.

For example: The clue read out could be “When you’re done with me, you should wipe yourself off.” Remember, you are looking for a clean answer not the filth currently pounding through your head. To put you out of your misery, the answer of course is “Shower”. Not what you had in mind, is it!

Dirty Minds is a game where the more sweet and innocent you are, the more chance you have of winning.

Playing the game is simple. The object of the game of the game is to answer clues correctly to gain game cards to spell out the word “DIRTY”

Shuffle the red backed clue cards and place the deck, face down, in the centre of the table so that all players can reach it. Shuffle the Dirty Mess cards (black backed cards) and deal two cards to each player. Place the remaining cards in the centre of the table, face down, in a big ol’ dirty mess.

To start playing, you first need someone to start. The person who was the last to have a bath or shower gets that honour. In the event of a tie, the eldest of the tied players goes first – you can’t beat being old AND dirty!

The first player draws a Dirty Mess card from the pile and is the active player. The player to their right takes the top clue card from the deck, they become the Reader.

The Reader reads the first clue on the card to the active player, there are 5 clues on each card. The first guess is free, subsequent guesses require the active player to be holding a Dirty Mess card. After the clue is read out, the active player can choose to answer or pass. If the active player chooses to guess and guesses incorrectly they put one of their dirty mess cards back into the deck and then the second clue is read out, they can keep getting clues until their dirty mess cards are used up and then are out until it comes around to their turn again (where they can draw another card from the pile). If they guess correctly, depending on how many clues they needed to guess the correct answer will see them win 1 to 3 Dirty Mess cards (these can be letters, a wild or lose a turn cards). The aim is to collect cards to spell out the word DIRTY, where the player must then shout out “I’m a dirty winner!”

Dirty Minds

Overall, this is a fun adult party game that is certainly not for the faint of heart or easily offended. It’s a perfect game for those that like a bit of humour and sexual innuendo. Despite trying to come up with a “clean” answer, your mind is going to wander off into the gutter but whether you choose to say what is on your mind for a comedic answer or try to play it straight is a different matter.

Dirty Minds is a fun little game that will test your ability to try and think innocently while the clues are screaming otherwise, trying to lead you down a filthy path. A game full of laughter, raised eyebrows, the occasional groan and possibly some very red faces. So, gather your friends, leave any inhibitions at the door, and find out once and for all just how dirty your mind is, and the mind of your friends, when someone reads the clue “If I get too hot, I could explode all over you.”

An excellent game where nothing is as dirty as it seems! The only issue with, I think that at some point will be with the replay value, once you’ve heard the clues, those who’ve played before have a distinct advantage, remembering the answers like the lyrics to their favourite naughty song. Unless the players are changing every couple of games, it will be a game that is played a few times and then sits on the game shelf for a while, gathering dust until the clues feel fresh again. That said, it is superb adult fun while no one knows the answers to the clues and is a fantastic evening’s entertainment for fun-loving, like minded adults. With a retail price of £18.99, I also think that it is a bit on the expensive side for a game with limited replay play value.  

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £18.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.

4 Stars

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