Bake It Happen

I’m not a baker. I love eating cakes but putting all the ingredients together and baking one, well that’s a different matter. I’ll stick to eating them whilst playing games. In Bake It Happen I can become an expert baker, I just can’t eat my creations.

Bake It Happen, from Lucky Egg Games, is a tabletop card game for 3 or more players, age 6 and upwards. It has a playing time of approx. 30-45 minutes and the players must collect different ingredients to bake recipes whilst at the same time trying to sabotage their fellow bakers who are all competing to win the coveted Baker’s Hat

This game is supplied in a carboard box that looks like a mini oven, getting the kids into the spirit of the game before even starting to play.

What’s in the oven (box):

  • 120 Ingredient Cards
  • 36 Recipe Cards
  • 9 Extra Goal Cards
  • 1 Ovens Off Card
  • 1 Greatest Baker Baking Hat
Bake It Happen

In Bake It Happen, 3 or more players take on the role of bakers. They need to collect and trade ingredients (butter, eggs, milk, chocolate, etc.) to complete recipes with the aim of becoming head baker and winning the Greatest Baker Baking Hat. To add a bit more excitement and fun to the game, whilst players are busy trying to collect ingredients for their recipes, they must also try to steal ingredients from the other players to scupper their recipes. Who knew baking could be so competitive and ruthless.

To set up the game before playing, the ingredients deck of cards are shuffled and 7 dealt to each player. Put the Ovens Off card to one side and shuffle the recipe deck. Take 8 recipe cards and combine them with the Ovens Off card and give the cards another shuffle and then return them to the bottom of the recipe deck. Deal 5 recipe cards, face up, and one Extra Goal card on to the table in front of the players.

To play, the most experienced baker goes first. Going clockwise, players must start to bake a recipe from one of the recipe cards in front of them on the table using ingredients cards in their hand. Players can also use Action Cards to sabotage their fellow bakers.

Overall, Bake It Happen is a great concept for a family game and we have enjoyed playing it. A fast-paced game with easy to understand rules and easy game play. We really liked collecting our ingredients to create our recipes of blueberry muffins and chocolate chip cookies whilst taking enjoyment from trying to sabotage our fellow baker’s recipe attempts. We also thought that the way that the game comes to an end was a nice touch with the drawing of the Time’s Up card, leaving the winner as the one with the most points (points are earned by completing sets and their worth in printed on the cards). And whoever has the most points wins the coveted Greatest Baker Baking Hat (included with the game).

With a playing time of around 30-45 minutes (with 4 players) it is a very competitive game. We loved the Action Cards that let players sabotage fellow bakers by looking at their cards and stealing their ingredients to complete their own recipes or to stop them completing a recipe (it might seem mean but it’s lots of fun).

Bake It Happen is a deliciously fun competitive baking party game that the entire family can play and all enjoy, although I don’t think that the kids will let it take the place of a real desert (and they certainly won’t allow you to steal their real desert).

A game based on food, baking and some delicious recipes with zero calories (except in the very real snacks you may consume whilst playing).

And should any budding baker’s get hungry and like the recipes they are creating, a FREE recipe book is available to download to help make the 36 recipes featured in the game.

This is an excellent exciting and enjoyable fun game for children and families that is easy to play. It is competitive especially as you are able to sabotage other players. A delightfully delicious game of competitive baking using cards rather than the oven, and it doesn’t matter how good of a baker you really are.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £19.99

For more information, visit Available to buy from Amazon here.

5 stars

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