Avoid You Know Who

If I was to say to you “Scabby Queen” or “Old Maid”, what would your first thought be? Would you think I was throwing an insult at you or talking about something more enjoyable and fun? Well, if your first thought was the card games then you would be correct! These are just two of the names of popular card game that has been around since the 1800s, a matching and pairing game. It is a game that can be played with a standard deck of playing cards but to make it more appealing for children and families it also comes in a wide variety of themes. For those of you that love the Wizarding World of everybody’s favourite wizard (who also seems to have been around forever), there is a Harry Potter version called Avoid You Know Who. It is the same matching and pairing game but based on Harry Potter characters and is a much more child-friendly and good quick fun.

Avoid You Know Who is a matching and pairing card game for 2 or more players aged 6 and over. It has a playing time of around 15 minutes. The aim of the game is to get rid of all your cards and not be left holding You Know Who (aka Lord Voldemort).

The game is supplied in a handy carry tin. The tin contains 48 cards with characters from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The cards are thick good quality cards featuring child-friendly images of Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Ginny Weasley, Neville Longbottom, Luna Lovegood, Professor McGonagall, Sirius Black, Professor Dumbledore, Rubeus Hagrid, Professor Snape, Professor Trelawney and of course, You Know Who, Lord Voldemort.

Avoid You Know Who

Avoid You Know Who is a simple card game to play. The 48 cards are dealt out between all the players, it doesn’t matter if a player ends up with one more than others (depends on how many are playing). Player’s sort through their cards and pair up matching cards, disposing of them in the centre of the table, face up so that everybody can see them. When all the players have sorted through their hand and removed all the matching card sets, play starts with the youngest player.

To play, player’s hold their cards fanned out in front of them towards the other players. The backs of the cards must face the others. The youngest player starts, with the player to their left taking a card from their hand. If that player makes a matching pair, they discard them on to the pile on the table. Play then continues with the player on their left talking a card from their hand and so on.

This is a card-shedding game, so the objective is to get rid your cards and not be left holding You Know Who. The player who is left with this dreaded card is the loser.

Overall, Avoid You Know Who is a fantastic quick and fun game. I love playing it. It is fast to play, and the rules are simple to understand. The Harry Potter theme will appeal to children and even adults (I’m not a HP fan and love it).

As it is a deck of cards housed in a handy tin, the game takes up very little space and makes a perfect durable, play anywhere travel game. The cards are excellent quality, nice and thick and very well illustrated with Harry Potter characters that you love and hate.

With only one of the villainous You Know Who Lord Voldemort cards in the deck, there is always going to a loser, but it is such a fun and enjoyable game to play.

Avoid You Know Who is an excellent game for quick fun play and one that will really appeal to Harry Potter fans. Perfect for when you haven’t got time to play a board game or for when you are on your travels with a bit of time to kill.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £9.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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