IQ Fit

I love puzzle and logic games, they are fantastic at challenging your brain but also help with concentration, problem solving and planning among other things. SmartGames are excellent when it comes to puzzle games for children and adults and I have been trying out one of their pocket games – IQ Fit! A puzzle game where a player must fit 3D shapes onto a board to create a (flat) 2D image. And some of them can be quite a challenge.

IQ Fit is a 3D puzzle game. It uses 3D shapes which have a ball on one side and 2 balls on the other side. The idea is to pick a challenge from the Challenge Book and try to fit the 3D pieces back into the tray in the pattern that matches the challenge you are attempting. The completed puzzle must be a flat 2D image.

SmartGames IQ Fit is a single player game, suitable for age 6 to adult and comes with 120 challenges; Starter, Junior, Expert and Master levels. It is a pocket sized game with a lid on the tray to keep the pieces and challenge book contained. A game that you can take with you and play anywhere, and for a few minutes at a time or longer – the choice is yours.

In the box:

  • Compact Game Board with Lid
  • 10 Double Sided Puzzle Pieces
  • Challenge Book with Solutions 
IQ Fit

The SmartGames IQ Fit puzzle game is an excellent game for keeping your brain in shape. It is a game where the game board is a tray with holes and 10 3D puzzle pieces. Each puzzle piece has two protruding sides (a ball on one side and 2 balls on the other side) and the idea is to create the image in the Challenge Book by placing the pieces in the tray to create a flat image. As you are trying to create a 2D image using 3D pieces, it means that the pieces need to be rotated to try and fit into the holes of the game board and it is much more challenging than I have made it sound.

When you successfully add all the pieces to the game board, the image should match the one that you are doing from the Challenge Book, there should be no uncovered holes and there should be no protruding puzzle pieces.

Overall, I love playing IQ Fit. It is a game that you can keep in your bag, pocket, glove box etc. to play whenever you have some free time, although it is very addictive and you can easily lose more time than you planned for. It is perfect for children and adults, superb for giving your brain a great workout.

IQ Fit is more than just a game to waste a few minutes playing, playing IQ Fit gives your brain a logic challenge whilst also stimulating the following cognitive skills:

  • concentration
  • logic
  • planning
  • problem solving
  • spatial insight

Stimulating these different cognitive skills is excellent for children still learning and adults to keep their minds sharp (and perfect in your older years in helping to slow down or prevent cognitive decline).

The challenges start off easy, easing you into the game but soon become much more challenging as your work your way from the Starter level to Master.

I love the simplicity of IQ Fit, it is easy to play but can be quite a challenge to solve. It does wonders for helping children and adults to focus and concentrate. It is also fun entertainment.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £11.99

For more information, visit Available to buy from Amazon here.

5 stars

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