Big Ben

Growing up, I loved playing with LEGO. I loved being able to follow instructions and construct the vehicles and buildings as well as create my own. To this day, I still love taking things apart, fixing them and rebuilding them (mostly computers and laptops). But I do also like the doing the odd jigsaw puzzle, they are a very tranquil activity to engage in with no time pressure. When we think of jigsaws, we generally think of flat 2D puzzles, but Ravensburger have a range of 3D jigsaw puzzles based on famous landmarks and I have been putting together one based on one of London’s most recognised buildings and landmarks, Big Ben, the clock tower at the Palace of Westminster, or to be more precise, the Elizabeth Tower as Big Ben is actually the bell within the tower.

Ravensburger’s Big Ben 3D Jigsaw Puzzle is a combination of a traditional jigsaw puzzle with the thrill of architectural creation, resulting in a solid 3D model of this world famous landmark. It is a 216 piece jigsaw puzzle and despite it being a 3D model, no glue is required! It is suitable for puzzlers age 8 and upwards.

Upon opening the box, I found 216 sturdy plastic pieces, and it looked quite daunting with bendy corner pieces and plastic pieces. Each piece is numbered. In the box I also found an instruction sheet showing how the pieces click together and the 3 individual sections that need to be completed and then joined together. The instructions also have some great information about Big Ben itself with facts about its height, weight of the bell and its creator. There is also a strong cardboard base that the tower is built on with an aerial picture of the grounds around Big Ben and 3 plastic accessory pieces required to complete the look.

The assembly process is a tale of two methods: the more adventurous can venture forth without using the numbers, relying on sheer wit and willpower, while the more cautious may follow the numbered path, ensuring a steady and victorious progression. Either way, the challenge is as delightful as a cup of tea on a rainy afternoon. I chose the more adventurous path and decided to do it by eye without using the numbers as a guide.

To start there are 8 pieces that press into the cardboard base. You then add 4 hinged corner pieces to give you a solid base to work from. As the pieces are sorted through and added to the base, as the tower rises up from the base, piece by piece, you can’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment once the 41cm tower is slowly assembled to a realistic model of the real thing. As I didn’t sit and build it all in one sitting, I don’t know how long it took to find the pieces I needed to assemble it – I completed it over several days just doing a small but a time. I wasn’t in a race to the finish and enjoyed spending a few minutes at a time trying to grow the tower.

For those that just want to build the model, I also assembled it using the numbers on the reverse of the jigsaw pieces. This is a quick process and took me maybe an hour to complete.

Whichever way is used, I preferred the challenge of not using the numbers, when complete the tower looks great and is very sturdy. It’s sturdy enough to be displayed on a shelf. When completed, the model measures 41.1 x 18 x 18cm.

Big Ben

Overall, this is an excellent engaging and enjoyable jigsaw puzzle and 3D model of a great London landmark. It is a fun challenge to if you want to piece it together by eye and easy to assemble using the numbering system. It is also easy to take apart again.

The quality of the pieces is of a very high standard and they click together easily. The completed puzzle is very sturdy so you can leave it complete and have it displayed on a shelf should you wish to do so.

With two ways to complete it, it is perfect for lovers of jigsaw puzzle lover and model builders.

With other London Landmarks in the range, Buckingham Place and Tower Bridge (you can even get light up versions), I am thinking about adding them to this wonderful model of Big Ben and completing the set and maybe even adding the iconic red London bus.

RRP: £19.99

Rating: 5/5

For more information or to buy direct, visit Available to buy from Amazon here.

5 stars

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