Doggy Doggy Woof Woof

The playing of board games and tabletop games can be a paw-sitively hilarious, rewarding and educational experience, especially when playing games from Orchard Toys. Orchard Toys are well-known for their fun and easy to play educational games for children. But getting EYFS and Key Stage 1 children to sit down long enough to play a game can sometimes be a challenge, especially when they think that there is learning involved. But Orchard Toys have some excellent interactive games that are fun to play and help promote different aspects of learning and education and we have been playing Doggy Doggy Woof Woof! The name alone will spark a child’s interest.

Doggy Doggy Woof Woof is a tabletop game for 2-4 players, age 2-6 years old. It is a memory and matching game that will leave its young players howling in laugher, and families barking along with them. It has two great ways to play and has even been Teacher Tested!

In the box:

  • 4 Double-side Kennel Boards
  • 12 Dog Head Cards
  • 12 Dog Body Cards
  • 4 Waggy Tail Cards
  • Instructions
Doggy Doggy Woof Woof

Get ready for tail-wagging canine capers. You and your preschoolers won’t be barking up the wrong tree with this game.

The premise of Doggy Doggy Woof Woof is simple and lots of fun; remember where the dogs heads are and match them to bodies to complete adorable pups on your kennel playing board. It has two ways to play on the double-sided kennel boards.

  • Game 1: players try to complete three dogs on their kennel board by matching dog heads to bodies, shouting “Doggy Doggy Woof Woof” after each successful match. Keep your eyes peeled for the waggy tail card – when you find it, it’s time to stand up, wag your tail, and shout “Waggy Waggy Woof Woof” and play passes to the next player!
  • Game 2: turn over the kennel board and try to collect as many complete, matching dogs as possible by taking it in turns to pick a card from the pile of dog heads and bodies and try to match with any of your face up cards on the table! With 13 different adorable pups to complete, this game will have children barking with excitement!

Both games are great to play with the little ones but Game 1 seems to go down best, there is just something about having to shout out “Waggy Waggy Woof Woof” whilst wagging your “tail” that makes it a lot of humorous fun.

Doggy Doggy Woof Woof

Overall, Doggy Doggy Woof Woof is a great little matching, memory and colour recognition game for preschoolers. And the cards are perfect for little hands, easy to hold chunky cards that are easy to wipe clean!

I like that the game playing boards are double-sided to give two different ways to play. And I love that the game has some very good and simple educational benefits; it encourages colour recognition, matching and memory skills, and even helps to develop social skills as children learn to take turns and play together.

The boards and cards and all made from durable cardboard, and are recycled board and paper from sustainable sources.

Doggy Doggy Woof Woof is an easy to learn game and quick to play. The rules are simple for preschoolers to understand and take enjoyment from whilst they look for matching dogs heads and bodies. It is packed with enough giggles to keep children entertained for hours. So, if you’re looking for a game that will unleash the fun and stop you going barking mad trying to entertain them, this is it.

Please fur-give me for all the dog puns, I hope that they weren’t a mastiff let down. Anyway, it could have been worse. At least it wasn’t a game featuring frogs or I might have had a frog in my throat and sounded a bit croaky and the review wouldn’t have been so ribbeting and you would have hopped off somewhere else and missed out reading about a fun game for the pups, sorry I mean kids (no, they’re young goats), I mean children.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £9.75

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5 stars

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